How To Save $30 Fast By Giving Away Your Favorite Book–Guaranteed (Task 25 Complete!)

Today, I have given away one of my favorite books in the whole Universe–The Game. This book that I gave away has dramatically impacted my life because it demonstrated to me everything that was possible, is possible, and will be possible in the world of sex and seduction. Now, by giving this power–this secret knowledge–to a friend that has been around me ever since my sophomore year in high school (earlier, if you count random ass encounters from elementary and middle school), I empower the world to experience another powerful being whose time has come.

The only thing about this, though, is that I had also given away a Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) to my bus driver from high school. This Financial Peace University personal learning course has taught me more about money than 98% of the population will ever REALLY know–and by giving it to my bus driver (because I had already “consumed” it), I had lost the ability to really re-experience it and relearn it over and over again (where it will then sink into my Unconscious Mind for me to automatically apply).


STOP. I made a mistake and this needs to stop. There was another friend of mine with me this whole time who I really needed to give this to, but I DIDN’T–which is why I need to STOP some of my cashflow and STOP some of his wussy behavior before anything else continues…

On with the event!


But, karma has had its way with me–in a way that I enjoyed. Because karma has accepted my contributions to this world in service, time, and money in many, many shapes and forms, and these contributions are only compounding in karmic force. So, because this karma has accepted my many contributions, I have benefited massively in terms of wealth and money, i.e.:

  • I live in my own house basically (I own the lower part of a rather large estate with my brother), which has
    • A dart board
    • Plenty of quality furniture
    • A more comfy bed than what I used to sleep in
    • An open area outside where I can essnetially do what I want
    • A punching bag
    • A printer 🙂
    • An ironing board 🙂
    • And left over candles! (Cinnamon)
  • My first job was at a place based on sex appeal (awesome)
  • My ability to read and soak in information has grown exponentially
  • My ability to speak and understand Spanish grows exponentially every day

And much, much more beyond what my tired gray matter can suggest for you at the moment. In the end, my gray matter just wants to tell you that the karmic energy unleashed from contributing that book was like unleashing the energy contained between the particles–much like in the way that nuclear energy sets off for a nuclear explosion.

Let me know if this enhances your model of the world, because this world grows in happiness, prosperity, and best of all for some people, peace, whenever they grasp the concepts that I share semi-daily.

Converse later today? 🙂

Your Friend,



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