Double (Triple?) Your Reading Speed Now By Doing This Challenge (Task 26 Launch!)

(Edit: Technically, I already did something that scared me today while running The Hour of Power today through Kalamazoo. At a point during the run, I did an apparently embarrassing  “shake it out” routine at a busy intersection. Also, while running, there was a point where I fist pumped and cheered to the highway as I crossed the bridge above it. Both of these things intimidated me a bit during this run, so we could definitely stop there, BUT Photoreading can become really helpful at the moment–so let’s still do that 🙂 )

In addition to the meditation and the DBEWUR we’ll have me do today, a session of Photoreading  is in order because it’s been something that I’ve been avoiding hardcore as of late. And the reason that we’ll do Photoreading today instead of something public and ignominous is because my sister-in-law again uses my car for work today.

Anyway, here’s the challenge (Any step of the Photoreading process counts for Photoreading):

  • (M) Photoread–flip page and write–for 30 Minutes
  • (T) Photoread–flip page and write–for 60 Minutes
  • (O) Photoread–flip page and write–for 90 Minutes

By doing the meditation, DBEWUR, and Photoreading, today will sufficiently fill the “Focus Tank” for achieving the goals and outcomes that I have in mind 🙂

Converse later tonight, friend? 🙂

Your Friend,



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