YOU F***ER! You’re laaaate *u* (Task 24 Launch & Complete)

So I knew that today might consist of a long day of work (though it didn’t) and that I would’ve been really tired by today (haven’t been sleeping well), so I chose to set a task as quickly as possible that could be completed anywhere. I would eventually choose to develop, for this task, the skill of touch (though not in a weird way or anything–just the simple task of enhancing the conversation with a physical, connecting gesture) 

So, it turns out that I’m incredibly comfortable with the art of conversing with just about anyone (or at least starting the conversation). I’m a fucking reliable spark plug when it comes to that shit. But when it comes to anything other than being the reliable start plug (i.e. being the whole freaking car where the tires meet the pavement), then there’s some issues. In other words, I’m outstanding at starting everything that needs to be started (AND finishing it), but the car DOES need some fine tuning–and this fine tuning is throwing a wrench at the skill of touch–which I’ve neglected for a while.

In short, the skill of touch was to be developed by an MTO goal, which was:

  • Minimum: 2 female physical connects (Ding!)
  • Target: 5 female physical connects (Ding!)
  • Outrageous: 10 female physical connects  (6)

I wanted to obliterate this stupid thing where physically interacting with women was this big deal, because (besides maybe sex), general, everyday touch is just another form of enhancing communication, and it is stupid not to be able to express that as one of the oldest forms of expressing feeling and thought.

It’ll probably be weird if anyone ever finds this from where I work–but who cares. This is me and what I do: I develop and grow and evolve (this just happened to be part of the process).And whether it’s weird or not for anyone from work, whoever might read this, it’s a part of the growth and evolution of self… AND everyone at work so far has liked the change (It seems that most of the people so far have been seriously lacking in the physical touch department… they’re starved for non-pervy, solid physical connection!)

Anyway, that’s it for today. Today was posted about thirty minutes after midnight because I chose to conk out at 5pm from a 20-minute nap for seven hours. This seven hours of rest was sorely needed though–and I would’ve slept longer if I wouldn’t have jolted awake to tell you this 😉

By the way, I’m using an hour’s grace period for today’s post, lol. This grace period is totally worth it, because today and this week have just been developing in awesomeness all the time.

Now, I really need to pee, so I’m signing off here! Look forward to conversing with you tomorrow, bro! You’re an awesome friend! 🙂

Your Friend,



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