Calibrate, Don’t Masturbate! (Give The Gift Of Touch Instead + Task 25 Launch!)

(Update: So, to my current knowledge these three tasks have been changed majorly in the past:

  • Walking through the ghetto at night (BS Reason: Police officer warned of danger)
  • Taking a photo of a girl making out with me (BS Reason: Ostracized at Fourth Coast)
  • Calibrating and touching (BS Reason: My sister-in-law has my car for work)

So, I’m going to schedule these in for this month (well, maybe not the ghetto one) so as to feel that “sense of completion.” But after I schedule these, you’ll be getting a task that’s very crucial and dear to me:

“Giving one of my friends one of my favorite books that I’ve had for almost a year now.”

And what is that book, you ask? That book that I shall give to him tonight at Hooters is a book you may know very well. That book is called The Game.

The reason I’m giving my good ole pal this book is because he has been wandering through his entire school career wondering why the fuck I did some of the things I did. Another reason I’m giving my good ole pal this book is because he keeps on demonstrating to me signs of lack and pain in his life that could be easily cured with a little bit of a social workout.

But, regardless of the reason, I really feel an emotional attachment to this book, because this book has kept me company in some of the darkest times in my life (much like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People did for me). And it’s because of this emotional attachment that I REALLY need to give it away (it’s something that scares me).

So, when I hang out with my friends tonight at Hooters, I look forward to providing my friend with this book, because it’ll change his life like I’ve seen it change many others.

Look forward to conversing with you tomorrow, because I probably won’t get the chance to update this tonight (even though I really want to). Look forward to talking with you soon 🙂

Your Bro 😉


So, it really took me a bit to determine today’s challenge, but I’ve determined that two things need to be improved: “Calibration” and Touching. There are a few mental discomfort-based things to work on, too (like coding, meditating, and studying in general), but calibration and touching are two things that really need to be worked on above all else at the moment.

So, for today’s challenge, I will focus on calibration as well as touching. More specifically, I will:

  • Guess the answers to Neil Strauss’s calibration questions (from The Annihilation Method), which talks about her personality type, whether she’s a younger sibling or older, whether she’s sexually reserved or open, etc. & verify them for (Minimum) one women tonight; (Target) Four different women tonight; or (Outrageous) Six different women tonight 🙂
  • Touch (anywhere): (Min) One time; (Target) Four Times; (Outrageous) Seven Times 🙂

These two challenges have been known to revolutionize the relationships of all who have done them. Why? Because people who have done these two challenges realize the value of talking and behaving in terms of what other people value most: which is themselves 😉

I’ll complete this and get back to you by 2:00am tonight–or earlier! 🙂

Look forward to conversing with you then 😉

Your Homie,

Aaron Bell


“Empathy” by Evan Sanders (The Better Man Project)


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