“Real” Meditation Is NOT Easy ;.; (Task 23 Complete!)

After about thirty minutes of sitting almost cross-legged, I could feel the burn in my hips and knees. But even the burn in my hips and knees couldn’t match the discomfort (boredom) that kept crawling into outer edges of my consciousness.

I was so proud of my level of concentration, of my ability to visualize on who I want to become for an hour straight and feel awesome during the process…  but that’s not REAL meditation. Though it’s often more useful to the (more fun) visualization, I predict that “doing nothing” and focusing on your breath (i.e. “Real” Meditation) for at least twenty straight minutes will give you more of a foundation to power through your day than just about anything else.

Anyway, I feel awesome now. I would’ve probably felt more awesome if I would’ve completed the Hour of Power before work instead of after–because I would’ve been able to complete the original task without destroying my body.

Ciao For Now, Friend 🙂

Your Bro,



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