It’s Ridiculous How Much Better This Video Is Than The Others O.O (Smile, Don’t Frown :) ) (Task 22 Complete!)

So, this was actually a lot of fun… because I actually did a good job with this! There will definitely be more videos to come, because making videos as compact and powerful as this just makes my day 🙂

Even though there’s a legitimate possibility that this may not be received well, this has the chance to really make a dramatic impact in someone’s life… especially because the music, the text, the font, everything… it just flows together! (Let’s hope that you get the video with the music, because YouTube is now processing it as of the time of this post!)

Anyway, that’s that, and it’s a good day today because of this completed task. This completed task was also uplifted by completing three deep breathing sessions, a Forgiveness Process session (FPS), a Pimsleur Spanish 1 session, and an awesome day at work (though I had neglected to remind myself about a second shift at 6pm, which sucked).

Anyway, I’m gonna do a power pose, finish up a meditation, and we’ll talk tomorrow! I’ll be sure to get a post in as soon as possible tomorrow, but I just know that I’ll be working for a while, lol.

I look forward to experiencing some conversation with you tomorrow, friend.

Your Friend,



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