*-.-* Can’t. Sleep. Must. Fast. To Fix. Challenge. :) (Task 23 Launch… @ Midnight!)

(Update: I needed to run the Hour of Power today AFTER 2pm, and it is always, always, ALWAYS a dumb idea not to eat after a workout. So, because I chose to do this workout, I’ll need to apply this tomorrow’s (or some day this week’s) challenge, because I definitely chose to eat after the workout. Instead of not eating for today (which was hard to even think about!), I instead meditate for an hour on breath with a question like “How best to quadruple my centeredness and best enjoy the process?” because I’ve been putting off meditation fro quite some time.

Also, for the leverage that was set yesterday, I fucking NAILED work today! By setting that leverage, I got these tasks done in record time 🙂 Thanks for being my accountability

Your Homie,


So, in laudation, celebration, of tonight’s insomnia, I’ve learned that eating food at night is by far the worst thing that you can possibly do if you want to sleep. And, to me, it’s even worse than having a well-lit computer screen in your face for three straight hours (of Facebook) before going to sleep. Therefore, instead of eating food after 2PM tomorrow, I limit myself to ONLY water–no additives, caffeine of any kind, etc.–the only exception is absolutely plain lettuce (i.e. No dressings, as the oil in dressings can slow your digestive system down for as much as 12 hours–source: Steve Pavlina… check out the benefits of raw here)

Anyway, that’s the task for today! The tasks will surely evolve (especially beyond the point that they used to reach) as I get a bit more centered and become a little bit more adapted to the schedule of working all the time  🙂

Converse later today? 😉

Your Friend,


P.S. Leverage! Yayyy:

So, it’s pretty unanimous that I’m kicking ass at Hooters (the two other guys who came in with me are getting canned). Even with the success that I’ve had at Hooters so far, there’s something that needs to happen on here: Accountability.

* My manager told me of the speed issue (“You’re doing a great job! But…”) for service–I need to create cleanliness in the bathroom and main floor (while completing all the little tasks) and have all the chicken chopped up by 12:30PM max. So, with this in mind, I’m putting down a day’s pay–8 hours x 8 = $56 (I’m doing gross pay)–as well as possibility of ignominy, social disdain, if I don’t do this.

* The pay, if not completed, goes to some random homeless dude, and I hate giving money to the homeless, unless they’re doing something, like dancing, to earn something. And before you go on saying how that’s a mean thing to say, just know that I was pretty much homeless for a good four months in high school, so I know what it’s like (and we’re doing no good to them by reinforcing their depressed state with cash). (What’s that? You say you agree with me? Oh, awesome! Ha)

* This leverage, by the way, spans between now (June 9, 2013) and June 16, 2013–though I may extend this or enhance this leverage or something.

Also, if I’m ever late in any way for any day without first checking in with the manager (except in emergencies–which goes without saying), the same cost applies, because being late is stupid.

That’s it–thanks for holding me accountable 😉

Your Friend,



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