There’s No Room For You On YouTube, Aaron! :) (Task 22 Launch + Other Agreements Kept)

Hey, lover! Well, maybe loving friend would be a better term.

So, there’s been some outstanding news for today, because:

  1. I fucking killed my breathing patterns today! Though I technically have two more left to do, and I feel GREAT (which means that not doing it was definitely, definitely an a problem)
  2. I completed the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine (yeah, I misnamed it in earlier posts) while listening to some kick-ass Drum & Bass radio on Pandora
  3. Learned that I can enjoy developing my Spanish mastery (at least in the afternoon) by interacting with Mr. Pimsleur as I throw a few darts at my dart board in my room (Note: I need to move my dart board over so that I can throw darts across the larger width of the room (vs. the length, which is about half as long).
  4. Actually set leverage with my Facebook bros (PUA-minded) so that I can kill my upcoming days at Hooters 🙂 (specifically, I’m setting leverage so that I can make sure that I complete all of my stuff by 12:30PM)
  5. Freaking CHUGGED a glass of “health smoothie” (Bolthouse’s Green Goodness 🙂 ) this morning before work–felt GREAT!
  6. Still have a bag of Gu: Performance Gel that my friend, Jacob Schact gave me as a gift when I went kayaking with him and my other buddy, Thomas (also awesome!)

Anyway, today has been beyond outstanding, and I expect you’ll appreciate this news, because there’s also more good news to come up. And this good news (ugh, you should enter the world of denominalization, because “good news” is enough to make my skin crawl–life is a process, not a single event) is that I’ll be posting a video of JUST the crazy dance moves up on this blog and for YouTube (it’s crazy because has the potential to embarrass me for many, many years–or a lifetime–lol).

Also, tomorrow, I’ll post a challenge that’s very VA (Venusian Art) related, so I think you’ll REALLY enjoy that, you sex machine 😉

But, yeah, that’s it for today. If there’s something else you want to know about besides the things that have happened for today, I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Look forward to experiencing a conversation with you later tonight and tomorrow (morning OR really really late!). If I happen to work really, really late, just know that it will be a Launch/Complete combo post for whenever I get back (which can potentially be after midnight).

Your Bro 😉

Aaron Bell


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