Task Result: Police Pulled Me Over + Rest Of The Challenge Completed

(SERIOUS UPDATE: After troubleshooting a bit on why I haven’t been completing these challenges as spectacularly as I used to, it’s because of two things:

  1. I haven’t been deeply breathing three times a day (or even once a day) coupled with the “power poses” I normally do, and
  2. I haven’t been centering myself… or even looking at my goals for the past few days (I’ve been focusing 98% of myself toward Hooters)

With this being said, I think this is valuable information for anyone who’s trying to make changes in their life, because if you really “don’t feel like it” 90% of the time, those are two major, MAJOR areas of concern to focus on.

To illustrate this, I’m breathing deeply to a recording I made (available on SoundCloud), and I had this blackness cover my eyes as oxygen rushed to my brain and lymph flowed around my body. I was seriously oxygen-depleted and lymph-stagnant all day… which is inhumane to do to myself! If you were to imagine that you were a cell of an unoxygenated body, if you weren’t to do the deep breathing, it’d be like swimming in your own (and neighbor’s) feces all day long; it’s gross!

As for meditation and staying on path, the randomest of shit can distract you, so if you’re not centered and targeted, the slightest breeze will have the chance to knock you over. And you don’t want to get knocked over–you want to be as strong and flexible as possible!

So, for the next ten days, I’m making it an extreme priority to get these two items into every day: 3 deep breathing sessions every day as well as 20 minutes (minimum) of meditation immediately after my Hour of Power. I’m a bit tentative about meditating immediately after a workout, but I’m willing to try anything for a while, especially if it makes sense along the lines of recovering from the workout.

Let’s do this and see how the upcoming days come 🙂 I  think that these upcoming days (as well as Hooters and all the  girls I flirt with or all the friends I interact with) will benefit massively, immediately and extraordinarily from this little tidbit of behave change! 🙂

Talk soon, friend. It’s been an awesome day either way!

Your Friend:


“I think there are better ways for you to conquer your fear than by walking through this neighborhood at night,” the (awesome) officer said after asking me what I was doing in the neighborhood. He stood outside of my window at the gas station he pulled me over for (he pulled me over for a broken headlight).

And, after seeing all these thug-looking guys roaming all over the place (yes, they were black), the authority of the officer had convinced me against doing my mission. Should I have completed my mission in direct contrast to the officer (who has seen some heavy shit in this area)? Should I have completed the mission despite the fact the officer suggested that I behave otherwise AND despite the fact that a murder had happened at the very gas station that he had pulled me over at?

I think so. I think so because it would have given me a contrast (should I have survived) to the perils and other “social” threats that exist (i.e. sexual reputation-based threats for being too sexual in certain situations). But then again, thinking all this is great until I fucking die–then it’d be fucking stupid.

Which is why I want to learn krav maga so that I can evade/kill anyone who would otherwise kill me. I want to be able to destroy any threats, or, at the very least make “physical harm” one less thing to worry about (i.e. by being able to really, REALLY defend myself through the deadliest martial art in the world, which is krav maga).

Anyway, I chose to do something a little less uncomfortable, but still uncomfortable all the same. I got about 20% of all the stuff from my area (a lot of stuff) and have it ready for “deletion,” which is trash or donation. This trash/donation pales in comparison to walking in a busy ghetto neighborhood, but I must say that this is something that’s still beneficial yet uncomfortable (if only slightly so) at the same time.

It’s made even less uncomfortable by the fact that Goodwill’s not open for me to donate to, but we can justify this (even though I disdain justification) with the two Spanish sessions, two Daily Bio-Generator Warm Up, and risk-taking at Hooters (i.e. I made some decisions and started cooking some food on my own).

I’ve gotta admit that these recent posts have been shitty when compared to the earliest posts that REALLY was a bit more intimidating (except for maybe this one and this one). So, to remedy these shitty posts, I’m going to develop a list of 10 things that answer the question: “What best is outstanding discomfort?” This list will remedy these shitty posts because I’ll have something that extends beyond the word “scare,” which means horror or braving death (i.e. scare = a form of outstanding discomfort, but outstanding discomfort isn’t always a scare).

Actually, instead of discomfort or “scare,” let’s use a more powerful nomer for this: Uncertainty Invoker. Scaring is just the invocation of uncertainty–“Are we going to die?” “Will I lose X?” So, anything that invokes uncertainty belongs on this blog.

I’ll come back tomorrow with a new challenge and a new list to work from. This new list will be outstanding but nonbinding (I’m keeping this blog fluid, like me).

Meet with you tomorrow,



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