Super Day Today! (Task 20 + 21 Relaunch and Launch)

(Update: I forgot about the golden rule of “do less, not more,” so what I’m going to do is eliminate the journal burning entries for tonight, but I’ll still visit the ghetto, do another Spanish session, and do another Daily Bio-Generator exercise. Let’s keep things real-ish, lol)

Here’s the first of the two Daily Bio-Generators that I’ll do for today:

It’s pretty epic now that I’ve learned how to actually do this all in sequence–I can actually smile and focus on you a little bit more.

Besides the Daily Bio-Generator Warm Up Routine, you were promised a walk in the dark through a ghetto neighborhood, but I had underestimated the degree of tiredness my body had: and definitely conked out (I even slept in until just an hour before I needed to work!), so I didn’t get that done (UGH! Though I still technically did something that scared me: I tapped a girl with my feet, I yelled uproariously/sang songs/flirted with girls at Hooters, and did the Hour of Power–even with the longer shifts)

But! i still want to give you the completed report of that super challenge: It’s really epic to do something legitimately scary like that (where your life and money could be at stake… and not just mildly intimidating or “scary” in a lesser sense of the word–even when it comes to rejection). So, I’ll definitely have that for you (in addition to doing something with my old journals) tonight!

I’m happy to have you here with me, friend. As my friend, you’ve really given me “someone to fight for,” and it’s really empowering to have such an awesome viewership and accountability set up here! 🙂

Thanks again–for being you 🙂

Your Friend,



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