Not Getting Shot Is Still A Good Idea + A Workout + Spanish + 14.39 Hours of Work :)

This shit is REAL--this is what you get when you kick ass :)
This shit is REAL–this is what you get when you kick ass 🙂

So, yeah, as you can see here there is literally a 185.68% increase in my working time at Hooters (I am far from complaining), but obviously that has taken up a chunk of the time that would otherwise be devoted to helping you and this blog out by doing one thing a day that scares me. So, even though the process resumes again tomorrow at eleven (I could just say that working long hours scares me–which it kind of does), I’m going to still go out tonight to the ghetto streets (or at least what I think is a ghetto street) & just set my timer for ten minutes as I walk around.

This may be stupid and pure superstition, but there really is the legitimate possibility that some random dude might mug me–and I really look forward to sharing with you any experience that might happen in the case that something like a mugging might happen.

Anyway, I’m really excited to do this for you, I’ll nap real quick (I’m serious when I say “nap,” because I’m getting the fuck back up), and then I’ll drive out and get this stuff DONE :O)

Experience you soon, friend!



P.S. If I can work 14.39 hours for a friend or Hooters, I can devote as much toward building a business–that’s a big lesson that I’ve learned while working with Hooters 🙂


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