*Handshake!* “Hi There! My Name’s Aaron, and I’m Here To Serve” (Task 19 COMPLETEEEED)

After doing this exercise today–doing the DB-GWUR and selling (listing) the keyboard–I fell asleep for about seven to nine hours (I can’t remember when I fell asleep). But, after doing this exercise today, I really felt a sense of completion and a sense of “everything’s going to be outstanding” feeling, because I realized that, no matter how I viewed it, there’s always something that can be done to increase your finances (strength, emotion, love, education, etc.), no matter where you’re at.

But, anyway, a video was promised, but it’s really not that interesting to have a video of me doing exercises alone, so I’ll put some nice music with it, when you’re interested in watching it. Also, this video promised (with nice music 🙂 ) demonstrates one of the nicest warm-up routines ever–I love it.

Anyway, I’ll edit this and post the


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