Don’t Get Shot! (Task 20 Launch)

Today’s task is not get shot while walking through the ghetto-esque part of Kalamazoo for ten minutes tonight. This ten minute walk may be very risky, because there’s been a lot of talk about it (I spent a night in jail for brawling with my brother) and the murders and shootings and rapes (I’m really worried about this one) that go on–though, the chances are that Joe Snell (the guy who scared me most when I visited the jail for a weekend) just talked a bunch of intimidating talk just to keep himself as alpha.

Note: That weekend in jail is why I’m 100% committed to mastering the martial art of krav maga 🙂

Anyway, this’ll happen later tonight, so I’ll have something for you either after I get back OR with tomorrow’s task launch! Sound good? Awesome!

Your Friend,



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