Task 17: Honesty + A Continuation

Today, you get from me admittance of something interesting about my life PLUS you get the task of  completing the Hour of Power again today, because I really don’t feel like doing it.

Btw, the truth is that I’ve gone to court recently for “domestic assault” because of a fight between my brother and I. This fight that I went to court for, btw, got me taken to jail, even though my brother had told me, “When I got the victim card, I laughed.” The reason I think he laughed, too, is that I had bruises on my neck after he drove me into the closet with his hands, and he didn’t even feel anything after I “punched him in the face.” 

The reason that I was scared to tell you this is because I don’t know how you perceive “court cases,” even court cases that were, in the end, absurd. But, whether I’m scared about this court case or not, you need to know a little bit more about me for you to connect with me, so I’ll risk the rejection :p

Anyway, Judge Santori wanted to just make this all go away, but he said that I needed to either go through probation (basically “Don’t harrass anyone for 3 months” LOL)… or get charged with domestic assault. Something tells me that you can guess which one I chose, lol. 

So, that’s it for today’s challenge (except for the Hour of Power, which I’ll update you on tomorrow), I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Stay awesome, Bro!

Your Bro,



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