“You Idiot” Vs. “It’s Just Gonna Happen” (Task Sixteen Completed)

That’s my pose–without the football

It’s amazing to observe how off-focus we are from reality. For example, we sometimes think that we’re at the bottom of despair when we stub our toe, burn our chicken, and accidentally spray bug spray on us with cap reversed–getting it into our eyes (this has happened to me before, lol). But what’s off-focus about that is that you could easily get shanked with a knife, lose a vital organ, and watch your family (or Xbox) get murdered (right before you experience the final moments of your favorite game… like Fallout 3, when it was hyper-popular (vs. just popular)). Seriously, no matter what happens to you–even if a tornado hits you and your child dies, do you agree that it can always get worse? Because, if you reach deep down and ask yourself–whether it’s by asking your God or asking your atheist air (lol) what could be worse–we’ll realize that most people are off-balance when they think about all the things that are wrong with their life, but not all the things that could be worse (or better).

So, without further ado, let me type up some of notes that I had for you. The main areas of these notes include the obvious (to anyone who has ever studied NLP or NAC, etc.):

  • Physiology (posture, breathing, facial expressions, muscles tensions (plus tension in directions–like frowning vs. smiling; eyebrows pulled up vs. down))
  • Words (sucks, failure, rejcected, gone, wife, dead, murdered, fucking idiot, wrong vs. “Now I best make it happen! I just make it happen!”)
  • Focus (words help this; I focused on traveling in the slave ship swimming in my own shit and visualized my wife, some random woman that I really loved, just vanishing at a moment notice when I was just about to tell her I love her –VERSUS– I visualize five guys, buff, well-trained men coming at me and I take them out while feeling stronger afterward; I visualize all of the goals on my vision board as just simply done, challenges have really, really minimized to the bottom of my vision to the point where the challenge manifests itself, in vision form, as a literal hurdle–for mice.)

In general the transition from worst to best on the (American) football field went like this:

  • Slouched, tense, negative, despairing self-talk with all sorts of visions of what could’ve been (that I can’t control) compared to what is really happening, to
  • Absolute domination, excellent breathing, manifesting of goals beliefs and self-talk, really wide posture, deeper voice (both from breathing and Unconscious influence), and absolute self-belief in my body–I mean absolute…  like there’s really, really, an anti-failure reality

So, with these main points typed up here–both in the areas that can affect us as well as the extremes of transition, here are the notes (and dramatized pictures of how I looked during the process–I needed to make a video of this experience… it was hilarious) I took at varying lines (approximated, because the lines were not painted today):

Oh God
I was lying on the ground, looking like this at the end of the “bad end”
  • -10 Yards: “SUCK”
  • -20 Yards: “Extremely frowning” “High tension” (esp. on the forehead) “OW” “FUCK”
  • -30 Yards: “face and muscle ten” “tone, posture (slowed)” “posture plays a huge part
  • -40 Yards: “You have no friends,” “You fucking suck,” “Nobody liked you,” “You sold your soul for Hooters,” “You didn’t go to college,” “You sucked at school” (Note: This was just self-talk, I actually was/am really smart–I just didn’t follow the industrial system of following directions)
  • -50 Yards –> Goal: (Can barely stand) “Starve -> slave ship” “STD” “Genital warts face”
  • @ Track (I did it past the goal): “vizion blur” “tense face” “See vision of ‘is’ vs. desired img” “No belief in self”
This was me at normal--probably my coolest photo so far
This was me at normal–probably my coolest photo so far
  • (General notes: “Shallow breath,” “@ normal, I know that I can do it…” “My worst–it’s so out of my reeality lol”)
  • +10 Yards: “dancing,” “singing the question, ‘How best do I feel?” (I should’ve asked, “How best do I feel now” for a better Unconscious response), “Upright,” “Btr breathing”
  • +20 Yards: “Wide posture,” “Deeper breathing,” “Wide smile” “‘Yes, yes!'” “It can be done”
  • +30 Yards: “Deep, deep breaht” “‘power’ face” (See above for my power face) “Deep larynx” (deep voice) “propensity to shout” (lol) “Yes! I can do it”
  • +50 Yards (Smoothed Past 40): “Just achieve my goals already” “Visualize -> 5 guys take down and feel better after the quick fight” (where I’m victorious) “Man, just move away” (It felt like brushing off competition was like brushing off a gnat) “Nice, even deep breathing” (I visualized the worst rejections and felt totally driven to achieve more, too)
  • The very end is beyond phenomenal (but I like 40+ the best)
My power face ^u^
My power face ^u^

You know what was and is really awesome, too, after doing this exercise? What’s awesome is that I learned that -40 Yards is the worst and that +40 Yards is the best. This is an awesome realization because a state where you have the potential for loss (i.e. going from -40 to below -50) is worse than just experiencing to disappearance all the way… which means that you’re better off going big and risking the big loss, because it will actually hurt less by doing something that will lose you all at once (I seriously, really had the worst physical,emotional, mental, spiritual pain at -40… but be smart with this information, lol)

On the other hand, with the above paragraph in mind, what’s also awesome is that having another level to grow to will always create more happiness, total fulfillment, and more power for you than “being there,” because you’ll always have something to grow. At +40, I actually felt like there was so much more to grow to, but by the end of it, there was an intense amount of Unconscious pressure to “max out,” even though I will always believe that there’s a better way to emote with even more energy and success–like when I actually have the healthiest foods that money can buy.

The Contiuum + Should've painted it green like a football field
The Contiuum + Should’ve painted it green like a football field

So, yeah, the more you know, right?

Anyway, that’s the task for today. This task was inspired by Hypnotica at Hypnotica.org, and I received this insight from watching The Annihilation Method–at the time when they were made freely available (though without permission, unfortunately) on YouTube.

So, with this task in mind completed today, I bid you ado until tomorrow! Until tomorrow,stay awesome, friend!

Your Friend,



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