Tasketh Sixteeneth, Bi*tch! :-D (The Grid-Iron Game)

So, I’ll be doing the 30-Day StyleLife Challenge with my boy, Positron here in a while. Before we do the StyleLife Challenge (which I’ve already done, but will do it again “in groups” to make it more challenging), I’m going to do something from Hypnotica in Neil Strauss’s The Annihilation Method. The task taking up the StyleLife Challenge for today is the task where you (or in this case, I) go out to a football field with the 50-yard line as your current emotional state, and then you step back and forth, back and forth while slowly moving the goal line on one end for “absolute despair,” and then all the way to the other goal line (that’s right, the whole 100 yards) to “absolute ecstasy for life.” Then, with all this in mind, you (I) return to the original fifty-yard line and see how you (I) feel–because this is said to blow your whole reality out of the water (and I believe this, because I’ve done the miniature, 10-foot version of this about seven months ago).

This is the task for today because the thought of an hour at the football field, stepping back and forth, back and forth, just intimidates me (especially because I’ve put this “full-scale version” off for seven months now, lol). You’ll like the result when this task is done, too, because perhaps this will allow for more extreme tasks to happen in the future.

We’ll see.

Ciao for Now (B****!)




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