(Fourteenth Task Completed) “He’s Just Trying To Distract Me So That He Can Take My Wallet Or Get Us To Buy Some Shoes Or Steal A Cupcake Or Something…” (LOL! He Gave Me $4 Instead)

Instead of rewriting this awesome adventure, i’d like to share with you a comment that I made with a friend in a private group of mine on Facebook. I’ll edit this comment as time goes on, but for now, I’m really happy with the results (both with the actual experience AND the comment). I’m really happy with the results on this awesome adventure, and with this comment, even though this will be published approximately an hour and half later than intended, but, as I said before, I’m not going to ruin the experience that I could deliver to you by cutting it short to blog–the blog reflects the experiences of life, and I want you to have the best experiences possible when reading it). With all this in mind: Enjoy!

“(Note: This FR became more about the huge, hilarious estrogen-man(?) freaking out over a ticket to get some shoes on pre-sale “I-I’ve gotta have those shoes!!” so, always know that your greatest moments in life will come in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with what you were originally focusing on, lol. 

P.S. Note: This is my favorite Field Report that I’ve written. May you enjoy this favorite field report as much as I have enjoyed re-experiencing it in my memories when I wrote it)

This opener is fucking awesome. This opener is fucking awesome because I’ve had deeper, more “spiritually-emotionally connected” interactions with some of the most beautiful (and, let’s admit it, not-so-beautiful women as well) in the mall. Now, with this fucking awesome, spiritually-connecting opener, I’ve had some amazing smiles, phone # exchanges, and awesome ideas for personal growth (i.e. this woman–the most beautiful of each I had interacted with–played the violin competitively at a city 25 miles away in Muskegon)…

And I also received $4 from this guy who was so touched by me even giving him a compliment or liking him… lol. This guy who gave me $4 was freaking out because he couldn’t get a “ticket” for this new shoe that was on pre-sale (I thought he was distracting me so that he could take my wallet or convince us to buy him shoes or steal a cupcake or something) I thought this $4-giving, hilarious, enthusiastic fat, black guy(?) was hilarious because he was such a jolly, fat, enthusiastic man on estrogen overload, and Rachel and I (the bartista I had first talked with–saying “I have traveled 500 miles to give you my seed” (LOL)) both looked at this and started cracking up… as I moved my wallet from my back to my front… so that I could keep a better eye on it… 

And it was so cool because at the end he enthusiastically offered to buy this woman in the front of the line her drink. Seeing this I felt myself really appreciating this guy(?) wayy more, so I related with him by sharing a story with him about how this girl gave me $4 for a tank (a gallon) of gas when I really needed it most, he pulled out his wallet. After offering this money to buy her drink, hearing my story, he opens his already open wallet and goes “Ohhhh! My-thank you so–Oh, oh my good thank you, I’m like choking up right now ohhhh” and he starts to flip through and pulls out four dollars and lays it on the counter.

Offering this this, he immediately begins talking about the ticket again. Hearing him talk about the ticket I immediately wonder if he’s attempting to manipulate me (I call him out on iit), but he shortly recovers my appreciation and gratitude for him as he says, “I should go.” Hearing him about to leave, with four fresh one dollar bills on the table between me and Rachel (who I became great friends with), I tell him, “I really like him.” 

He was really cool. And he was really cool for even such a small ounce of gratitude. What’s really cool, too, is that even this ounce of gratitude has really inspired me to give more of the tremendous amounts (not tremendous enough, though) of gratitude, and I really appreciate that.

So, yeah, that’s an awesome opener Travis. Maybe this opener’s awesome, though, because I work at a strip club posed as a “family-friendly restaurant,” but I slightly doubt that. This awesome opener starts the conversation with the context of “We’re on a spiritually connected plane,” and it’s really such a whole, satisfying feeling.

But then again, there are other factors that I added in, like:

  • Outstanding physiology (Hey, I worked on this for a LONG time, so it’d better be outstanding)
  • Outstanding mindset (“I work with women that are at least 20% more beautiful than anyone in here… and the shit-tests, flirting, etc. are 10x anything I”ll see here)
  • NLP/Questions (“What really makes you happy?” OR the act of telling her that I’ll text her, “Buttsex”–which plants it in her mind)
  • Actually having my finances in order (God, this was the hardest for me…)
  • Visualization of an outstanding outcome
  • Desensitized to whatever the fuck she says
  • Actively doing the “Ho’oponopono” or “The Forgiveness Process” after each approach (totally–and I mean totally–removes all needy-energy, at least until the next encounter with her)
  • Hour of Power (I shout positive stuff at the top of my lungs for 45 minutes every day… while visualizing during my 15 minute warm-up and 15-minute cool-down)

With these points and the awesome opener in mind, as welll as the interesting story, the reason that I tell you about the above points is not to DHV (anyone will get this from actual application of game and strategy… and by applying for a strip club); the reason I tell you about these above points are to give an objective analysis of what awesomeness happened.

Because, with the help of this opener, I really think that I will make anal sex with this woman, Rachel. I will make (anal) sex with her–because of this awesome opener–if only because she sounds like she really needs it, lol (she was really sexually open when I brought up sexual topics–like age in dating).

Lol, thanks for suggesting this. This suggestion inspired me to re-enjoy the pure sport of Game, and I feel completely renewed and refreshed by it.

Let me know if this helps!




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