(“Is It Herpes?”) You’re Being Hacked… By This Awesome Post

About two years ago I had this exact same problem, and it looked exactly the same… in the exact same spot. This exact same problem that looks exactly the same that’s in the exact same spot still freaked me out just the same–“IS IT AN STD?” No, it is a singular, “clean,” fresh, in-grown pubic hair and not the problem that I thought it was: herpes or HPV.

I fucking hate that STD’s exist. But, being the forgiving person that I am (debido a la entrada en el blog anterior), I’ve relinquished all ill-will toward STD’s, because I’m sure it has its purpose in weeding down our population. Also, the fact that STD’s exist to weed down our population… but that I don’t have one (I don’t think) is very fortunate–if you have an STD and you were in my shoes, you’d probably say the same thing, lol. (Me)

Anyway, we’ve confirmed that today’s task was to a 90-minute Photoreading session according the process outlined in the previous post. With this 90-Minute Photoreading task, we’ve learned handicap-bonus principles per Amotz Zahavia (and this guy whose last name is Fisher). Though, as learned and expanded upon in this 90-Minute Photoreading session, Amotz Zahavia was an Israeli biologist who learned that things like Thorstein Veblem’s The Theory of the Leisure Class and the handaxe (which was incredibly hard to make and keep) served as a sexiness indicators primarily because of their cost on survival. With this Photoreading session, I’ve learned through Geoffrey Miller’s The Mating Mind the ideas of Zahavia and Thorstein, which will help me become a more attractive man: By doing riskier, more novel things.

(Also, things like muscles are really hard to fake, things like Hummers and nice houses and excellent fashion are really hard to fake, pure symmetry is really hard to fake–that’s why their such reliable and powerful fitness indicators for us: they’re reliable because of the barrier to entry.)

Also in this 90-minute Photoreading session, in addition to learning about Amotz and Thorstein, my buddy Pimsleur and I hung out, shooting the shit in Spanish. In this Spanish “audio-Photoreading session” (which I counted… sorry), I learned the “we” forms of the words: have, want, us, together. Also in this Spanish section of the 90-minute Photoreading session with Pimsleur, we talked about the numbers “sesenta” and “setenta,” which I already knew, but needed a refresher in anyway.

And that concludes today’s scare-session. This scare-session was rather uncomfortable, but only in the form of discomfort. Perhaps only scare-sessions that risk rejection or loss of something (like approval or love) should count–instead of mild discomfort like today’s was.

Who knows. If you’re reading this and find that to be a good idea, then let me know! If you let me know, I’ll be sure to reply to you and consider your advice.

Ciao For Now, bro 😉 Look forward to seeing you again, tomorrow!



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