Radicals Fear Aaron Out To “Criminalize Unsexiness” (Not Really — Selling Magz Today!)

(UPDATE: Due to neglected fees for both eBay and PayPal, this will not be completed today–even though I wish I could. These neglected fees are an obstacle that I created that will prevent the success of this task, if kept. So, to replace this task with a less-obstacled task (for now, until I gather the money from Hooters), I’ll replace this with some good old-fashioned Photoreadin’! The Photoreading that replaces today’s obstacle-ridden task is done by three cycles of:

  1. 5 Minutes of Preparation —
    1. Define what success means–“What best do I need to be able to do at the end of this 20-minute session?”
    2. Pull out keywords and single out the part of the text that I’ll “activate” or Photoread
    3. Put the recorded audio that asks “How better best to use my whole mind-body to better best create the maximum number of most useful associations?” (or similar audio) on repeat as I then proceed to number two of this process
  2. 20 Minutes of Activation or Photoreading
    1. Today will consist of activating, because I do a LOT of “direct learning,” which is flipping the pages for ONLY the Unconscious Mind to apply
    2. This will require using the mind to fulfill the purpose stated for this (setting the boundaries for success was a step that I had neglected before… baaad juju, bro!)
  3. 5  Minutes of Relaxation and Breakage!
  4. Rinse and Repeat (Cliche, bro)

This process will envelope today’s time, and, hopefully, will bring plenty of income to future situations. The thing that I want to do in place of this process is to ask myself “What best really makes people do what they do?” but this process is something that “scares” me (in the sense of discomfort), so this is more applicable 🙂

Let me know if you like this!


While everything that I’ve done has been absolutely gut-wrenching (or at least a little bit intimidating), this one is by far one of the things that intimidates me most. The reason that this intimidates me most compared to other tasks you’ve seen (except maybe the applying at Hooters one), is that I really, really have no taste for old magazines like Modern Screen or Photoplay. I feel bored to tears when I think about these magazines, and, in order to sell them, it’s mandatory that I keep my enthusiasm up (if you’re in sales… and you’re in a bored state… do you really feel that you’re making all the sales that could?).

And keeping my enthusiasm up in this case is not easy, if the topic doesn’t naturally charge me (like that of being with very attractive women or coding or something along these lines). And because this is not easy to do, because this will require serious focus, listing a magazine on eBay today is the challenge for today. If you feel that this isn’t an adequate challenge for the “Do one thing a day that scares you” mentality, please feel free to let me know, because this is more discomforting and about self-inflicted fear instead of “jump-scares, horror, or the possibility of rejection.”

Look forward to your responses!




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