If You Want To Let Go… Hold On Tighter (To What You Value Most)

Today was about forgiveness. Forgiveness of a lot of people through the “Forgiveness Process” (source: NLP–most notably from Christopher Howard–which got he and other practitioners got from Huna’s Ho’oponopono). If you know anything about this forgiveness process that was done today, then you’ll know that it involves:

  1. Constructing a stage before you
  2. Bringing on a f***-ton of people in your life (and not in your life, if desired)
  3. Asking, “Do you totally support my magnificence and the direction that I’m heading?” and keeping their asses on the stage if “No” (and optionally so if “Yes”
  4. Filling, through a hole in your head, yourself with eternal energy and love, and then have it pour through your heart down through the “akah”–the thin, ethereal, wispy connections between you and the people–to also fill them with love, light, and energy
  5. After you fill yourself and them with love and energy imagine the akah disconnecting; sever the akah–done visually with a pair of large, guillotine style razors–and chop the connections totally and entirely (asking the question, “What best specifically is a right-brained example of severing the connection between me and them” gives you an outstanding, “complete” visual of the blades chopping through the akah
  6. Watch the people you’ve just disconnected fly and wisp away, to learn and grow and evolve and become better people. Watching them go away may be the only way they can learn and grow and evolve–maybe find love, seek (and find) their true passion, and evolve to live and extremely happy life
  7. Imagine a magic donut embrace you, cleaning off the akah from every cell of your body, thus freeing you from the connections (esp. the unhealthy ones)

Doing this series of steps today for the forgiveness process–in addition to incanting “I best am a forgiving person” during today’s Hour of Power–has helped me realign with my highest purpose. Doing all this today helped me realign with my purpose; it helped me forgive myself for the wrongs that I’ve committed; it helped me discover the greatest way to fill the people in my life with value (which is to mentally, emotionally, and physically fulfill all of my needs through best physiology, focus, and language, to best create an “overflow state” that causes all of my good energy to overflow from myself into the other person). Doing all this today, helped me do all of this AND refine the karmic law of focus (we cannot focus on two things at a time, so if we focus on our highest spiritual value in life, anger, greed, sickness WILL disappear–it’s awesome).

Let me know if this helps you a ton, because this process has definitely helped me out a lot. And if this helps you a ton as it has helped me… and you happen to write about your experience, I will link that shit to this post πŸ™‚ so do it, lol!

And remember, “Fill yourself entirely before interacting with someone or doing something.” They WILL feel it.”

  1. Awareness — Ask yourself, “Am I best full with my needs, or am I empty and accepting of the other person’s energy?” (Note: You can still receive energy, but it needs to be like a wet kiss, fluids must be interchanged between you and your lover–or in this case, your favorite person (or non-favorite) that you’re talking with)
  2. If you’re empty, ask yourself, “What need am I empty with?” and then immediately ask empowering questions like, “What best am I loved about in my life?” or “Who best loves me right now?” or “What best am I having absolute abundance/having more money than anyone else right now?” A fun tip that will help you, should you find yourself empty, is that questions–if asked with an upward tonality at the end–automatically redirect your focus. And another fun tip if empty and you choose to use questions is is that your Unconscious Mind HAS to respond to any question you give it–it’s just how we’re built). I’ve influenced people who “aren’t easily influenced” by this approach, and it still makes me laugh–smarter people are easier to influence
  3. If you’re full, go ahead an interact! Do whatever you want, because it’ll be very likely that you’ll have the energy necessary to create your outcome.
  4. CUREALL: Constantly ask yourself “How best do I double/triple/quadruple my enthusiasm?” Anything (positive) done with lots of enthusiasm will charge other people. Enthusiasm is the cureall that will juice other people–and fill your wallet, if you apply enthusiasm to your job (Source:Β How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling by Frank Bettger, ex-MLB player turned insurance salesman. If you only read the first chapter, you’ll probably make at least a 5,000% return on your investment. I’m serious)

That’s all for today! Today has been a very relieving and relaxing day, and if you were to take the time and apply the principles and processes labeled here, I think you’ll find yourself detached from the mundane, sickening, “energy-suck” emotions, and you’ll find yourself in a very proactive, healthy, rejuvenating state that others love!

If you enjoyed this, let me know somehow πŸ˜‰

Homies Forever?

Your Homie,


P.S. I did the incantation, “Drama is best hilarious” and “Drama best only makes me more centered and on-target” for thirteen times each… I started cracking up when my father started yelling at me. Doing incantations will help you (assuming they’re empowering incantations).


8 thoughts on “If You Want To Let Go… Hold On Tighter (To What You Value Most)

  1. I found your posts on the pua forum and started digging deeper. After “google-ing” The Forgiveness Process NLP I came across this (part 3 of 3)

    I watched parts 1-3 in order and during the step where I created my stage and had people enter, I found myself tearing up when certain people entered. I’m a 20 year old male and this was the first time I had ever tried the whole Forgiveness Process. My question: I was wondering if it is something that had ever happened to you? To be specific, it occurred when friends I met where I volunteer came on as well as previous versions of myself came on. Thoughts?

    -Really enjoying the energy in your posts.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I really enjoy the energy that you’ve devoted toward changing your life (from what I can see, you’re a very ACTION-oriented person, and that’s awesome πŸ™‚ ). And the reason I enjoy you, as an action-oriented person, commenting is because I know that the right people are getting these posts, and the right people are here to change their lives for the better! So, in other words: You’re awesome! πŸ™‚

      As an almost-20-year-old male, I used to choke up every time I did the Forgiveness Process, I cried as I felt this huge tension in my neck start to swell up and ease out as I knew I was saying goodbye to some people I loved for a loooong time–which, by the way, is exactly what happened physically when I did this process (in Chris’s NLP Practitioner program), especially when it came to releasing the previous versions of myself. So, yeah, that has happened to me (it was more than intense), and my thoughts are that you’re developing in a fantastic manner for choosing to do this.

      Seriously, I’m extremely proud of you for doing this. By doing this, you’ve literally detached yourself–mentally, emotionally, and (as you may find out), physically–from these people that no longer serve you. I’m proud of you because, by doing this, you have now freed yourself to associate with the exact people you want to become or become like (which means that I predict massive progress for you.).

      Also, wIthout this process or a similar process, if you were to try to associate with the people you admire in your life while still connected with all the negative emotional connections that’d still be present, you’d have two forces tugging in opposite directions, and it would tear you in half. (I know, it’s happened to me in various ways, lol).

      So, yeah, I’m extremely excited for you, and I’m confident in your progress and success, because you have taken the first step in getting your shit together: Deleting the bad influences in your life.

      You’re AWESOME, man! Keep doing awesome things like this, and your life will transform. I promise you πŸ™‚ (Especially if you do the Hour of Power by Tony Robbins each day! The Hour of Power is something that I do six days a week because of how helpful it is to… EVERYTHING.)

      Let me know if this comment helps! This was by far the most interesting comment that I’ve read so far.

      Your Friend,


      1. Well, YOU sir, are awesome!!! You have an awesome, positive, happy energy and this is what I’d like to direct my life towards. It’s very interesting to read about your experience with the Forgiveness Process! It’s intriguing to read that your process was accompanied with such emotion. May I ask what types of people were the ones that gave you such emotion along with previous versions of yourself?

        After thinking about what happened during my experience [During my Process, I kept people “on stage” that I still wanted future connection with (as well as those I wanted to let go of) and this will become important when talking about #2], I realized two things: 1. When letting go of previous versions, emotion came over me because, in my younger years, I did not have as many friends as I wanted, wasn’t as out going, never really felt like doing things with the friends I did have etc. which caused me to miss out on a lot of fun during my lower level schooling years (k-12). During my Process, I thought to myself “yes, I did miss out on a lot because of how I was back then but I forgive myself because I can redeem myself today..and the next day…and the next.” I’m starting feel emotion about it just typing this!

        2. I got so emotional when dealing with work friends during the Process because I realized they all love me like brothers and I have a second support system. It was one of things that you kind of know, but it doesn’t really sink in or feel heavy. During my Process, I was able to realized this fact for its true, deep meaning: I have more people that love me and more value than I had felt in my regular life. I volunteer for a Sheriffs Department in a small county so I’ve talked to a lot of the guys that work there and am even closer friends with a lesser number of officers that I work with regularly. The officer brotherhood is a strong group, and during my Process, I realized that I had a place in the group and was accepted (even though I already knew it, it really sank in if that makes sense). So basically, I got emotional more about the realization of my value rather than disconnecting ties ( which I didn’t do) with my work buddies.

        After my Process, I felt extremely refreshed throughout the day, it was amazing!! It makes sense to detach from the people that no longer serve you but our brain doesn’t always take to obvious route…which would be so much easier if it did!! I appreciate your support for taking action, I’ve slowly but surely been working on myself. Over the past years I’ve been depressed, closed, detached, stuck in a rut, any combination! Back in high school, and even during the beginning of college, I didn’t want to hang out with friends. I’d always make excuses and just wanted to be on my own doing my own thing. It sounds a lot worse than it is right now because I’ve improved myself by leaps and bounds…but still have a long journey.

        The Hour of Power is next on my list of things to look into!! I injured my knee and am out of school on break so I’ve been super lazy lately but I’ll be good as new in a few days.

        Thanks so much. Your support and positive energy helps strengthen the foundation of building the better “me”.

      2. There’s so much that goes on in the process of personal development that it blows my mind. We share a similar journey, too! because at an age similar to yours, I wanted to blow my brains out… until I stumbled across The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and PUA, etc. And you’re right I’d bet anyone $1,000 that you were probably way worse then than you are right now (which is a good thing πŸ™‚ ).

        With the journey of personal development as the context of this conversation, it’s interesting to me that the FP gave you something that you were longing for (or seemed to long for) for a long time: Awareness of the fact that you are loved. The reason that it’s interesting to me is because I was the kid who would sit on the stairs in next to library to eat my food–because I didn’t want to hang out with anyone else. I felt the twin fears of rejection and failure (failure in that if I associated with the kids at my school I would develop a negative self-image AND a sense of rejection in that they wouldn’t like me anyway).

        But now that you’ve looked at all these people–and detach from them, like I do :)–you now fully appreciate this close brotherhood of people who really care for you. “The officer brotherhood is a strong group, and during my Process, I realized that I had a place in the group and was accepted” And what’s really interesting to me is that I’ve felt similar things! Similar things, with me, being that I’ve never felt the sense of teamwork and connection that I have had when I applied and worked for Hooters. While yours is more noble and intense πŸ™‚ it was so outstanding to have this group of people love you and care for you and help you grow as you contribute your value to them–it’s massively and immediately gratifying in the most extraordinary of ways.

        And with me, the people that relieved me most when I forgived them were (in order): 1) My parents, 2) My closest friends (who I used to identify with), 3) the 1,000’s of random people who I had attached myself with… but never fully detached from, 4) the various, intense cases where someone really “let me have it.” It’s amazing how things go on in the Unconscious that we don’t fully perceive, because it felt like I was running with a 100-pound vest on my chest when compared to how I felt after using the FP! It’s been so relieving–like a shedding off a hundred pounds–that I’ve actually practiced it daily ever since the writing of that post!

        Anyway, I’m extremely excited for you, because you’re doing something that few people will ever do, I know that I’ve expressed this in my last comment, but it’s absolutely amazing to watch someone grow and take the immediately beneficial steps to grow yourself now… and for the rest of your life (ex. the lesson of upright posture that I implemented three years ago still stays with me today).

        I am juiced for the day that you now become a fulfilled Hour of Power-er, too! πŸ™‚

        Stay awesome, friend. You’re a truly outstanding person πŸ™‚

        Your Bro,


      3. I’m alive still!!! I recovered from my knee injury and life picked up/got busy but I’m here. I think my feelings and emotions take a greater toll on me when I have nothing to do all day, thus the reason why all of this started… And by no means do I think it’s bad! I’m actually really glad I’ve discovered and been through what I have so far. I lost all of my tabs in my browser a while back, had to get back to my job and just haven’t been on my computer ever since! Crazy huh? But I think it’s a good thing because I feel it shows that I am doing well.

        In reply;

        I need to start making a list of books and material I need to read because I find things and my computer decides to install updates causing me to lose what I’ve found.

        It really is too bad how much the human fear of rejection and failure really has an impact on society. And for those two reasons, I mainly kept to myself away from school, and sometimes even in school. I wouldn’t meet new people (and still see that I have trouble with it to this day) because I felt like “eh, they aren’t like me” or “they don’t like what I like” when I think I was really just rationalizing the deeper thought of “I’m too afraid that if I act myself around new people, they won’t like me and my self image will be hurt”. There are always opportunities to improve and that is what I will keep trying to do.

        Hey, working at Hooters can be considered noble also!..working around women who don’t wear much clothing all day..

        I find it interesting that you included random people you’ve encountered because this is something I hadn’t thought of doing. It’s been a while so once I fully get back into this, I’ll give it a try! I also found the conclusions in your linked article spot on with how I feel, specifically the fact that your brain can’t learn to succeed if it hasn’t failed. I’ve been trying to take the protected route by not failing while learning at the same time, I need to let loose and just go with whatever happens. TAKE RISKS!

        (Sorry if any of this seems scatter brained, been working in the heat this morning and just tired overall (stayed up too late taking photos of my buddy’s car. AND it’s been a while since I’ve been back.)

        Have a good one!

  2. Hey, Dillon, how’s it going! It’s been a long time since I chatted with you on this. Have you taken some risks? Have you been more outgoing and social? Let me know if you get this.

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