Aaron’s Weapon For Success: Forgiveness

Forgiveness has always been something that I’ve been slow to do. Forgiving slowly, though unintentionally slowly, was just my style of doing things. But, when a person forgives slowly–unintentionally or otherwise–the person surrenders massive blocks of energy just for raging at the other person. So, for the productivity porn masturbators, this one should be particularly interesting for you, because if you can recover these massive blocks of energy by intentionally (and later: unintentionally, per the process of competence) through non-slow, fast forgiveness, you’ll explode the kind of results you receive. And you’ll explode the kind of results you receive from doing this, I know, because it’s happened many times for both the people around me–as well as myself, when I actually got around to doing it.

Which brings me to the point of today’s task. Today’s task is to go through a mental process called “The Forgiveness Process” at least once today, if not many times. By going through this process for today’s task–which is something that I really shudder with doing (my old self-image liked to hold grudges)–the world will open up for me, and I can, again, pursue what’s most important to me: Seeking personal beyond-excellence as I ungravify the world. To gain the energy to through this forgiveness process as today’s task for this purpose will be beyond helpful, because it’ll remove:

  • The resentment for my father for lack of health-sense, severe rigidity of ways, unconscious sabotage of my marketing plans, disbelief for my own path, etc.
  • My mother for her enthusiasm and love on a path that goes against what I really desire to do with my financial life (i.e. business and investing)
  • Myself for missing a day of work–even though I could easily blame it on my manager for not letting me know, I know that I needed to go in and talk with her about hours before I even left
  • The lack of focus on the Ultimate Purpose (esp. from the above points)

See? Doesn’t forgiveness look, sound, and feel just overall helpful? And if you’ve seen the Wikipedia article by now, I think you’ll hear me when I say that “forgiveness just feels good–it just feels right,” because it does.

“Forgiveness is the renunciation or cessation of resentmentindignation or anger as a result of a perceived offence, disagreement, or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution” (Wikipedia).

Wow, don’t you love that definition? The love, for me, with this definition comes from the intense release or relief that it provides. The love in this definition definitely comes from letting all that stress, (negative) tension just slide out of your body and then become a more useful, better-purposed energy.

Yup, that’s that task for today. I’ll do, for today’s task, the NLP Forgiveness process (which was modeled from the Hoʻoponopono of Huna–which is from ancient Hawaii, as you may or may not know). and then come back to you later today (later today, because I may do this more than once.)


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