Tenth Task Completed With Bonus! (Hour of Power + Syndication)

What REALLY makes people click on a link? (Get the answer in tonight’s post.)

I’ve gotta say that syndicating material is the probably the most necessary process on the Internet… but a lot of people probably don’t do it. It’s time to really make things fly by aiming for sky and making people “high” by asking “Why don’t I die when the pie is shy when in the jungle I.”

Anyway, I REALLY didn’t want to do the Hour of Power today (an 8-9 mile run with very loud incantations in public, if you recall), but I set it as today’s task and I DID IT. But, if I were to set that as today’s task for real, the desire to syndicate the content on this blog wouldn’t be nearly as great, so I’ve chosen to set syndicating the blog’s material as today’s task. But even though syndicating today’s material in place of just using the harder task of doing the Hour of Power is being used as today’s task, the actual “criteria for success” are that I simply get ANY content from this blog onto another site–even one singular paragraph of this text or reverse-transcribed audio–to win today’s challenge. The reason that this criteria is used for the Hour of Power task replacement is because the last time I specified exactly what needed to be done for things like this, I ended up wasting at least ten hours of HARD effort on eBay selling magazines… that would’ve been sold by now if I would’ve set more flexible criteria.

Even if I wouldn’t listed AS MANY on eBay, at least ONE would have sold, because I would have done what NEEDED to be done… not what I had initially set as criteria. And what needed to be done would eventually become very different from what was specified as my current challenge.

Anyway, I’m actually supposed to be meditating right now, so I’ll syndicate the content after I meditate. I’ll see if I can have all this content from this blog onto http://www.pick-up-artist-forum.com, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, GrooveShark, eZine by the end of today. Even if it’s an eight hour day going through each of these sites in the name of syndicating content, I believe that this is something I’ll enjoy and that this is something that meditation really helps with. Hell, if meditation helps a person stay focused and relaxed for an extended period of time, then going through all these sites, posting content, and making sure the formatting is correct all could be the test of that assumption.

Anyway, I’ll have a post for you again later today.

Ciao For Now, Friend!




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