His Promises Still Unkept (Yet Kept… At The Same Time) — Tenth Task Bonus Completion

So, I promised big and huge with today’s task’s bonus. What was promised with today’s task’s bonus was, like, eight hours of content syndication to get things rolling. But instead of getting some eight hours of highest quality content syndication to get things rolling at for this blog, what happened was ONE post got onto pick-up-artist-forum.com plus a series of three dates that resulted from five interactions. WIth these interactions that replaced the highest-quality content syndication for today’s challenge, three girls talked with me for a minimum of twenty minutes per girl–with two girls (who were supremely sexy) confirmed my suspicions that she was with the guy she was ordering a coffee with–I had asked them, “Hey, are you two together?” quite bluntly. So, instead of hyper-content syndication, I chose to upload a single post onto pick-up-artist-forum.com as I talked and flirted with a bunch of girls (AND while talking with this old man, Ellsworth Rea, who taught me the power of comic books and common sense… I swear, old people can be great wingmen, lol).

Anyway, how’s THAT for a long-ass paragraph. It’s about time that you did some legitimate reading (i.e. non-Facebook statuses). Suck my long-ass paragraph’s wisdom straw… lol.

Frankly, though, the biggest issue that I had with content syndication was that I didn’t want there to be conflicts with Google’s search-engine rankings with my post, nor did I want to overload the forums with quality posts. But then again, if the search-engine rankings or the overload of forums inspire fear within me, then perhaps it’s time to do just that then 😉 because that IS my style, and that IS why this forum was created!

So, yeah, I think I’ll overload pick-up-artist-forum.com 🙂 They’re a lively bunch, and they’re addicted to reading (LOL… am I kidding?), so I’d be happy to post a bunch of this content onto pick-up-artist-forum.com. But, the posts are all that I’ll record (publically) for today. You’ll receive an update from me tomorrow 😉 If you want some hyper-updated content as I overload the addicts of the PUA forum, then it’s a good idea to check out actionablegreatideas.wordpress.com. That blog (made by me) will give you some outstanding thoughts for your consideration 🙂

Even though I probably need to relabel it to AaronBell.wordpress.com. If I relabel it to my name, then I’ll be able to build myself as a brand, which will be very, very cool when people start recognizing me on the  streets saying, “OH MAI GAWDZ, YOU’RE ABBBB :_D” So, yeah, relabeling the blog will be cool, because I’ll get fame. Lol.

(Ciao For Now)




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