Mental-Scare Day (I F***ing H*** Editing ;.; — Ninth Task Completed)

What? You think this is bullshit?

You mean of all the tasks that I’ve chosen, you don’t like the fact that I chose editing above:

  • Sticking to a single topic for a paragraph? (Note: I actually ended up doing this with editing)
  • Practicing VAK Descriptions (esp. In the form of creating an extended, useful metaphor)?
  • Calling more people to express gratitude (I tend to neglect calls)?
  • Mind Map via Mindjet the rest of the Unleash the Power Within (Tony Robbins) notes? (Edit: I’m actually doing this today)
  • Syndicating all material on this blog with SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, various forums, Flickr, Deviant Art, etc. all in one day? (This one’s happening on Tuesday)
  • Answering questions in the Activation step of the Photoreading Process for three separate 20 minutes sessions today? (This one’s happening on Wednesday)
  • Selling a magazine to make up for the $72 lost from not working today? (I’ll cover this in a post on An Apple A Day)

Even with all these in mind, though, the activity that’s been chosen for today is editing. And it’s really important that this task gets done, because it’s a huge tragedy that some great ideas really never get read… when they’re legitimately useful, helpful, and super awesome. So, without further ado, I will get this editing done by completing this last sentence, which will transition nicely into the story below that represents why I’m big on editing right now.

I was always a writer. A writer with great ideas. But there’s a problem that comes when the writer with great ideas doesn’t develop the habit of growing his seeds of greatness, his wonderful ideas, into adulthood. So, even though there were always these great ideas swirling in my brain that needed to become connected with other brains, what would often happen is that the other brains would see a bunch of dirt and junk swirled over the few diamonds that the piece actually represented. And being the outstanding idea person that I was, the person who would put ideas down on paper, it was really a bumming event to see, one day, all of the millions and millions of words that I had generated just fade into the ether. And it was all because I was this “great writer” who lacked the follow-through to ensure that all these seeds never grew to greatness.  

I lacked follow through. And it’s because I lacked follow-through that, frankly, I kind of feel regretful for my teachers and mentors of past. Whenever I think about all the thousands and thousands of words of mine that my teachers had to read, I cringe. They could see all the great ideas in the rough, but my poor writing habits, developed from years and years of “just winging it,” buried my newborns alive in shit. The fact that the work I submitted were “just drafts” became obvious, and my work never became appreciated by anyone–not even me. It was depressing, shocking… and humiliating. And because I lacked the follow-through to revise and edit these seeds (or saplings, if I was lucky) into greatness, I would eventually develop the sister habit of no follow-through, which was a tenacious self-consciousness. This tenacious self-consciousness would plague me for my entire school career.

Perhaps the quality of someone’s writing represents the quality of the person. Because there’s always the saying that “perception is projection,” perhaps my writing represented much of my life. For example, I signed up for an advanced class that I was always late for–perception is projection. I had a bunch of ideas for habit change that I would start and then stop–perception is projection. I had a bunch of coding projects and ideas for starting a band that never happened–perception is projection. So, it’s safe to say, I think, that the quality of the writing that happened before clearly represented who I had become as a person then, which  I feel slightly remorseful about, if only because I had seen myself as such an awesome, together person (which I was–in areas like self-esteem, video games, and “being cool” to an extent).

A quick note, too, I want to punch my younger self for showing up to class late. Even though I often add a big bag of resentment with every thought of school that comes to mind, I still believe that showing up late for anything is one of the highest forms of disrespect that a person can inflict. Unless you are DYING, you are held unexcusably liable for such disrespect. And, no, traffic is no fucking excuse. You get up and you get out earlier (even an hour earlier, if you don’t know how long it’ll take you to get somewhere).

On the positive note, though, the younger me can be congratulated for taking time out of school to get laid ^o^ It was fascinating how my self-esteem transformed that day. It was a Wednesday when I had my way with her. It was a Wednesday because it was a late start, and the only days when school would start an hour and fifteen minutes later was on the thing that Mattawan High School calls “Late Starts.” There were many reasons to love late starts then (such as doing preparation for the day’s test, hanging out with friends, sleeping in), but my favorite reason for having late starts was the reason of practicing my sexual skills on my favorite FWB at the time.

Much time has passed since then. Though this story really doesn’t REALLY apply to rule of coherence, it’s really a nice story that can help you, if you’re a blogger, to really give your ideas the thought, time, and energy to really grow your work. With the time that’s passed since the time of the story, and with a minor breakgae of the rule of coherence (i.e. making everything hyper-hyper-relevant), we can use something like 20-30 minutes to make our blog posts better. And to show you the usefulness of this idea, I used the exact same approach to revising this blog post; I set a timer twenty minutes with a recording of “What best would pull me further into the story” looping in the background to enhance this blog post.

And the timer went off ten minutes ago, I should add.

Seriously, that was the task for today, and because the task is editing, I really don’t need to add another post to tell you that this task was completed today. Today’s task IS this post, so I think you’ll forgive me for not adding another post (unless I feel inspired to write about the mind mapping, which I probably won’t). But, yeah, this idea of editing every day, or at least doing it on the days where I really feel scared to do it, is really appealing. Because what if we could really transform some really mediocre work into the work of a “great?” It’d be fascinating to see that happen 😀

Now, I’m going to end this post here. Having habituated myself to writing for outstandingly long periods of time, this post could be extended indefinitely, and not ending a post clearly and succinctly is bad for a blog. If anything, ending a post early can help dramatically, ESPECIALLY if you add a cliffhanger or an open loop that will leave the reader BEGGING for you to write again, lol.

Maybe I should start doing that, lol.

Ciao For Now, Friend!

Your Bro,




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