I Really Hate Some Of The Sh** I Do (Eighth Task Completed… Lol)

Hey, I just realized how much of a selfish ass I’ve been with these blog posts recently. If you’re one of the few people who read this regularly, then I’m really happy that somehow you were able to see through my veil of narcissism, because this post and the blog that contains it really are for you.

I have enough attention in my personal life already (IS THERE EVER ENOUGH??), so I think it’s time to share the love with you. The tricky part is that relating a direct experience that I had in relation to you might be tricky, so, for the time being, I need to know who you are, in order to relate to you.

And in order to know who you are, I need to listen to you, hear from you, and love you more and more. For the time, with the knowledge that I have about who’s currently reading my blog, I’m going to assume that you’re a blogger writing your own content (strangely enough WordPress bloggers blogging about blogging tends to cultivate communities better than just about anything I’ve seen). But nonetheless: Onward!

“I think it’s best that you get in your car and leave.” I directly said (I must put something in the rules that says something against this next time) that I was there as a joke, and that I needed someone to just work with me for a minute and let me ask him.

Have you ever had something like this where it’s just not easy to get the other person to trust you? Maybe it was because I saw some really stupid shit going on before my very own eyes, in first-person view, that I conveyed an air of “This isn’t right” to the man. Perhaps it was the shit that I had accidentally worn that made me look like a salesman. Perhaps it was the knock on his neighbor’s door that remained unanswered that he saw me deliver that caused this mistrust. Or perhaps it was this man with his overall miserable nature.

After all, I saw an obese woman moving around dirt, unattractively spreading mulch over an unkempt yard (part of the reason I chose this place was because–sorry about this if you’re the person who I talked to!–the place looked like it would be of no consequence if I acted weirdly or not around them) as children roamed around screaming with laughter in the background. Above all that, this man had a stoic face that concealed (or destroyed) all emotions that could’ve ever existed within him.

Perhaps this relates to someone you see every day (and perhaps someone you need to relate with every day), but I’ve gotta say that talking to this man has made me grow. If I can deal with someone like this in a way like this (selling toothbrush cleaning services for 32 cents… in a very poor manner), then I can do anything.

Which brings me back to you. Do you feel like you have a situation where you know you could grow… but you can’t seem to get over how stupid or pointless it is? Well, something tells me that I’ll benefit hugely from this experience, so, with all obvious disclaimers in place (i.e. You are totally responsible for your own actions and behaviors), I highly recommend that you do something silly and outrageous… albeit in another blog, like I did.

God this post needs to be edited.

But whatever, here’s an awesome post for you… It’s done… It’s finished… Voila!

Perhaps you could get me to edit these posts as part of a challenge… though, editing’s more “plain uncomfortable” and not “scary,” so it doesn’t count.

Oh well.

Stay awesome, homies!


Ciao For Now


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