How To Increase Your Sexiness By 5 Points In Two Hours Or Less–In A Way That’s FUN (Task Seven Completed)

Sexy Face
May the water-damage drift from your mind as your eyes attract to my highly attractive face.

You might recognize that I’m the sexiest beast in the world (see photo above for proof), but what does make me so sexy?

Well, first I add a few drops of AWESOME into my mix of Cool-Aid where I then CHUG IT THROUGH MY EYES so that I can see all the ways that are awesome about  YOU. Because perception is projection, isn’t it?

Well, in addition to that, I decide to get up, put on my running shorts, freak out about it being too cold–as well as whether or not I should drink coffee (I generally don’t)–and then read a bit of my blog posts before lacing up and heading out:

For and hour and fifteen minutes.

WHO ELSE WORKS OUT THAT LONG BESIDES A HEALTH NUT? That’s right, Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is pure sexjuice when it comes to improving your health, love life, sex life. attraction life, financial life, any life, because he’s the one who inspired me to do this in the first place.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have my own free will (I don’t), but it’s fair enough to say that his influence is solely responsible for 90% of the results that I’ve created in my life recently. If you want to best enjoyably decide to progress in your life now, then I highly recommend that you: 1) Go to his website and ask for a Free Coaching Session, 2) Use the Coach’s Guidance to help you grow and love life just that little bit more, and finally, 3) Check out Unleash the Power Within, and see if that seminar is right for you.

Only you can tell what the right choice is clicking on the Tony Robbins website and registering for Unleash the Power Within with the best seats you can possibly afford, but perhaps he can make it a little easier for you to grow. Even if you can‘t afford it, you’ll benefit greatly from signing up now for Unleash the Power Within, because you’ll be able to afford so much more in the long run.

I cannot recommend anything else so highly, because this man, this friend, is one person who has mastered the art of influence beyond all else.

Anyway, here’s a couple ideas for fun, because this blog, after all, is about you having fun with my torment and squeals of terror and pure discomfort. While I’ll have fun and talk with you for a while in these posts, you’ll always get these little doses of factual information on actions taken to induce pissage of selfeth. Here it is:

  • Today requires that I do the Hour of Power, which I already did. When I woke up, I felt how I really did not feel like doing the Hour of Power, so I immediately assigned that (relatively) long work out as my task for today
  • Normally, another thing that scares me is doing the incantations (as a fun, mandatory, useful part of The Hour of Power’s main workout phase) while passing hobos and homeless people on my run. Recognizing that they need my support the most (ESP. with the incantation, “All I Need Is WIthin Me… Now!!”) I immediately began to increase my volume as I passed them… and I feel so much better having had done it!
  • Then, as the last part of doing The Hour of Power, as the last part of doing this hour and a quarter body refreshment session, I chose to wave my hands around like crazy as I crossed this bridge over a highway, chanting, “I BEST DESERVE TO LIVE IN EPIC LIFE!!” over and over again, the semi-truck coming toward me honked like crazy, which started a chain reaction of eleven more cacophonous honks and wails from the cars behind it (“YES! That’s twelve cars.”) I was beaming as I finished my run through the rest of this road.)
  • (Update: I had already done today’s “scare,” times three in that I’ve done the Hour of Power, watched PewDiePie play SCP-087B for two videos, and actually called some girls–texting like crazy. But now, I really need to get to sleep so that I can wake up at 7AM tomorrow and do the Hour of Power again as well as “get centered” for an hour before going to work, so I’ll reserve this for tomorrow, even though I’ve planted several seeds. I’ve already texted several girls, and it’s great when I get them talking with me and invested in the relationship) Today, I think my sister-in-law needs my car, so I’m going to invite three girls over tonight (provided she uses it). This will mean doing whatever it takes to get girls over, but the challenge ends whenever I “catch hold” of three girls. I must ask them, over the phone (not Voice Mail or ignore or text) to come over. I can do this in some fun way like “Oh, I’m watching Rio right now, and it’s sooo awesome! I’m having so much fun right now 🙂 Sorry, you can’t watch. It’s mine… ALL MINE!” But, with whatever happens, there needs to be SOMETHING that makes her need to decide one way or another for tonight. (Stop-Loss, for real though, is 10 girls called. If I don’t get a hold of three girls after ten… Sad face lol)
  • If, however, I do get the car tonight, I can choose to 1) Enjoy the Drunken Spelling Bee tonight at Louie’s, and 2) Make out with a girl in that little booth in the second room. But, for now, I’m just going to resort to this the bullet point above, because I’m not hyper-rich yet from Hooters (thank you, reader, for inspiring me to apply there!), there may or may not be a fee to get in, and it’s just not something I’m willing to pay for when I’m paying for gas in change (and no, I’m not going to ask my momma for money unless I really, REALLY need it). Let me know if you think I’m a pussy!! Lol
  • That’s it!

So, yeah, you pretty much got a heavy dose of sexual inferno epicness within this post, so I feel that you’ll really enjoy me as a person as time goes on. ONE THING that I must do tonight, that kind of scares me, is get to sleep by 11:00PM tonight. Literally, i need to go to bed and fall asleep ASAP (I can do it because I know hypnotherapy/hypnosis–no joke), because I have work tomorrow, and I need to help out as much as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, coming to work tired is unacceptable. If you come to work tired, you threaten the business by being 1/4th as productive,  1/4th as a capable of handling other people who are short from sleep deprivation, and above all esle, you come to work in a state that’s less than your best. When you work, part of delivering the max value is by doing your best to ensure that you’re “in state” to help as much as possible when you ARE at work–which means taking care of your body, healing your mind and soul through meditation/yoga/pilates/krav maga (I’m serious with krav maga), and then feeding your mind with leadership/communication practices (if you work with people) or technical practices (if you’re in a highly technical position).

At some point, too, ensure that you go over in mind the next day and overall purpose of you working at where you work. If you don’t visualize the best way to do something, or if you don’t visualize yourself correcting something that you screwed up yesterday, your body, your nervous system, will go in “raw” and unprepared, which leaves your conscious mind preoccupied with making up for the shit that you should’ve done last night (i.e. prepping your nervous system to successfully do whatever it is that you need to do).

Seriously, why you no do this already? This has been said a billion times since the Psycho-Cybernetiks revolution. If you want to really stick out in your work and make people like you best… well, you’ve gotta see it before it ever becomes a reality.

Don’t let other people see stupid shit for you… You’ll be miserable if you do that. The cost of not visualizing is too high, too immediate, too unbearable to even fathom going in “blind.”

Anyway, that’s it for today–That’s the challenge that you get to observe me do. If I can, I’ll get you an extra post tonight. If not, then you’ll get the update with tomorrow’s challenge post. I can only do so much, and prepare for so much, and if there’s a sexy-fun time tonight, then I’m not going to interrupt the experience–which will soon transfer to you–to write a blog post, when I’ll be able to update you tomorrow.

Fair enough? I’m here to add as much value as possible to your life now–whether you believe that or not–so let me know if you’re enjoying this, or if there’s anything that I can do to make it better!

You legitimately make my day now, so I look forward to your support and thoughts! Even though, statistically, only 1 out of a 1,000 or 10,000 every really comment. Sad face 😦

That’s all for now, bros! Lol, like and comment if you enjoyed though! Follow and become a homie today! Stay outstanding.

Ciao for Now!




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