That Awesome Day Where You Wake Up And Do What You Need To Do RIght Away (6th Task Assigned and Completed Within 3 Hours)

Today’s task, in short, was an hour and fifteen minutes of working out. I’ve gotta say that it was something I always USED to do–but recently has been giving me the whillies.

So, what I decided to do today, was to take my day’s task, in preparation for my first full day of work at Hooters (yes!), and simply do The Hour of Power by Tony Robbins! I didn’t even have something to play his music with (a big concern for me, because I wanted something to distract me from the hallucination that I was doing anything less than inspiring the best of the people I annoyed), so I went out in the car exhaust-filled world of Kalamazoo to do my run… without music.

And it was awesome! The incantations, because their so repetitive, cause you brain to delete most of the run! Essentially, you just get five minutes of conscious running… and those five minutes are really enjoyable! It’s amazing!

Imagine if you could literally just say a magic phrase, and voila! You could turn a twenty minute workout into a (more enjoyable) hour and fifteen minute workout… and make it feel shorter. Because that’s exactly what happens!

Not to mention that I’m super proud of myself for doing it.

You see, if you can do one thing per day that scares you (which will be editing and creating an ass-ton of audio, here in a bit… I hate editing and my voice is not something I’m totally secure with), you’ll start doing amazing things.

If I wouldn’t done this challenge, if I wouldn’t have set leverage with Tari Manello of (awesome journals!!), then I don’t think I would’ve done nearly as well as I have been lately.

Life is so awesome.

(Update! I started drafting this this morning, but I didn’t publish it, so here’s a little update.

Here’s what you need to know about the life that’s available for you (the one that I’m leading): It is FULL of personal growth and development. I have the opportunity not just to cook, but to learn to cook, exercise my cooking skills, offer other people help and solace, help cure anger, build my lady skills, etc.

It’s not just about cooking. It’s not just about girls.

Though I’ve definitely learned a LOT. This thing that happened today… no, no I can’t tell you. It just wouldn’t be right. I’ll tell you something else though in the next post, though!)

Ciao For Now!

Aaron Bell


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