It’s TRUE!! You WERE Just Talking To Us For The Girl! Oh Wait… You Told Us That! (Fifth Task + Update On Hooters!)

After all this time, I still haven’t overcome the biggest issue with VA (Venusian Artistry) so far: Hitting on girls who are with other people (and especially girls who are with older men)

And it’s probably because I haven’t admitted it to myself until now.

So, with the advantage of this steadily growing blog, I’m happy to announce that today’s task, in addition to hitting up “orientation” at Hooters today) is to:

Talk with two attractive women, for two minutes minimum, blatantly letting them know that I like them WHILE there are other people directly with her — OR — Talk with a singular woman who’s with other people for TEN minutes or more

Either one wins the challenge for today! The report will be up by 11:30PM tonight! (I usually go earlier, but this might call for me heading to a bar later tonight. Unless I hit up a Starbucks and find women gathering in groups

Though this might freak a lot of people out, I think this’ll be a cinch compared to showing off my dance moves yesterday… lol.

Let me know what you think! This is becoming more and more fun with every day that I do this!

And with much thanks to you, homie! If I wouldn’t have had you to write for, I probably wouldn’t be half as excited to do this as I currently am! Thanks for your support.

(That’s all for this post! Like and comment if you enjoyed! And follow to become a homie today!)

Ciao for now, bro! Life is good.


Aaron Bell

P.S. Even though there’s only about 6 readers (average) on this blog at the moment, I’d be happy to do a guest post for anyone wanting to challenge me to something! it’d be super awesome to get some friendly competition going on here.


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