YOU ARE THE SEXIEST MONKEY EVER!! (Task Four COMPLETED, B****! –PLUS– A Follow-up Interview For Hooters Tomorrow!)

Here’s a pep talk from Kid President before we begin!

I. Have GOTTA say. That I’m creating this world by STORM!!!

There has never been a day in my life where I’ve missed an exit and also got a semi-awful haircut that’s also been this awesome. If there has been such better days, then I’m unconscious to their existence.

Because I not only DID THE DANCE for TWO MINUTES LONGER than intended, I balled it out just before visiting the coolest restaurant in the world to work for: Hooters.

And I feel that it paid off.

Seriously, I danced before 100 people on that road today! People started smiling at me, girls honked their horns while screaming “WHEEEW WHOOOOOO!!” at me as they passed me. These guys in mustangs also passed, nodding at me with cool fingers pointing at me.


I’ve gotta say that I’m completely and totally proud of myself. There’s never been someone so excited to create results as I have been, because I have been ON FUCKING FIREEEE!!! The world is an awesome place! The world is an outstanding place.

Because I’m here to make things better and better and better and better and better and better and better… AHHHH!

I am literally spazzing out right now.

The cool thing, too, is that today wasn’t perfect! Unless you count lessons as being perfect–which I do–I ended up sending a kick-ass text to my friend Rock that went like this:

“Can’t wait to see you in those shorts!” (i.e. Hooters girl shorts)
“Just don’t spank me! That would complicate our friendship.”

Now, when I look at that, I start cracking up. But, if he were to take that badly, then that means that I screwed up my communication. If I don’t get a “LOLOLOLOL” response, then that means I communicated in a way that didn’t get the result I wanted.

Which I is sadz if that’s the case ;.;


As you can probably tell, I’m kicking ass with the world right now, and I hope you can share this enthusiasm and success with me. Because there’s no reason that you can’t share this totally awesome experience of the world with me! You have a fucking brain, two ears, a heart, two eyes, two lungs, as well as a kick-ass nervous system that can literally cure warts and stomach ulcers and CANCER!

How awesome is that?

Anyway, the purpose of this message is just to tell you that some shit is going down!!! Nothing has ever been as awesome as these few days have been!

Thanks for supporting me, friend, as I go through these experiences. I expect that you’ll get a lot out of these ideas as well.

So I’m going to leave it at that! Like and follow if you enjoyed! Comment and become a homie  today, and I’ll see you in the next post of whatever I make!

Stay outstanding, homie!




15 thoughts on “YOU ARE THE SEXIEST MONKEY EVER!! (Task Four COMPLETED, B****! –PLUS– A Follow-up Interview For Hooters Tomorrow!)

  1. To be honest Aaron, I actually thought the Hooters thing was a joke. But that is friggin’ awesome if you do land the job bro! But what the hell would a man be doing working @ Hooters lol!?

    1. Are you saying I’m not pretty enough to work at Hooters, Kenny?? ;.; Lol, I’m gonna be a chef! And I’m also a guy who makes sure that the women stay safe during the drunken times.

      (Quick note, though! I THINK I have the job, because my man Eric said to come in for “orientation” with a driver’s license and social security card… but who knows, right? It could be another step for the interview)

      1. Lol nah, Hooters workers are usually prettier.

        Sounds like you do have the job to me too if your going in for orientation. But cool position though to be a chef and manage the girls when they get all sloppy.
        Was this job advertised or you randomly went to Hooters?

      2. Just randomly went to Hooters, lol!

        And thanks for the self-esteem boost, lol. Now I won’t think of myself as pretty anymore.

        Btw! Now that we’re friends on Facebook, I currently “manage” a FB group for PUA (which started out for DHVing each other’s profiles–but turned into an super-close group of friends).

        You want to be a part of it? I’ll add you the next time I’m on Facebook.



  2. Hey Aaron, I’ve now had my fair share of your internet endeavors and I especially liked the posts about your challanges. I wish I could start doing what you’re doing, but I do want to ask you something; some time has passed since you’ve written this post (for example), do you feel the changes you made stuck? Are you still feeling the confidence?

    I’m really impressed by your determination, and I do wonder if this process is permenant. I really hope it is.

    1. 1) Thanks for being one of the intelligent few to read this post!

      I’m extremely excited to have had the opportunity to serve you the necessary info through these posts! It’s because of you that I’m even ABLE to do these things!

      Note: This comment could be considered “too long” by some. You have been warned…

      Second Note: Certain elements in this could be considered lecture-y or pedestal-y. Please let me know if this is the type of effect it has on you and whether you enjoy this effect… My current notion is to change it to a different style of voice immediately… but only if it’s undesired.

      2) Regarding the confidence! (THE CONFIDENCE!!)

      Oh. I’m indeed. Still feeling. The CONFIDENCE!! alright! To illustrate, this girl who posts regularly on “Xtube” gagged on my cock yesterday while smiling seductively at me… and I did practically NOTHING except watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Haha

      Though getting blowjobs aren’t absolute indicators of confidence levels, I think they’re a better indicator of confidence than most. Do you agree?

      3) Regarding the permanency of the process…

      YES. It’s so ridiculously installed within my being, David, that I’m instilled with an overwhelming sense of joy and awe that I started this process. Gratitude fills my being as I even consider this question. You’ve given me an awareness, via your comment, of the progress that’s occurred, and I’m grateful for that.

      To put it straight, I am unbelievably surprised by the outcome of all these tasks, because they’ve expanded me to a point where I can basically do any of the things you see on this blog now…as a normal behavior. It’s fantastic.

      4) Why The Confidence (And Behaviors From This Confidence) Are Permanent

      The truth is, David, our brains and bodies have evolved in a pretty interesting way.

      You’ve probably heard this already, but when we repeat any specific thought or idea, more of the neurons within our cortex (the outer, larger part of our brain) get encoded with this thought or idea. These encoded Cortex-neurons of ours (as well as non-encoded Cortex-neurons, of course) then have these little tentacle things off of it called “dendrites” which more or less communicate with the tentacle-dendrites of other neurons. I like to think they communicate by drum signals, but really they have electrical zaps between each of them called “impulses”. For some reason that I don’t know, whenever we repeat an idea, this neuron “zaps” the idea and code into surrounding neurons. And because there are more neurons with the specific thought or idea, the chances of any specific neuron “drum dancing” with the neurons that contain our conscious awareness grows larger.

      To put it in short, add more strains of thread to any starting thread until you get a rope, and you have something virtually unbreakable except by deliberate severing via a sharp object such as a knife, sword, halberd, etc.

      The same process goes with the neurons in our bodies whenever we repeat a given behavior. That is, your body encode the same behavior like strains on a rope that we can strengthen immensely in a relatively short period of time (when we add pain or pleasure motivators, such as that of posting challenges publicly on a blog).

      5) Why I Just Told You That

      When you say “I wish I could start doing what you’re doing, but…” I immediately thought “You can’t start doing what I’m doing.”

      You can’t start doing what I’m doing until you make a commitment to yourself and to those you admire that you’re going to devote something like 60-minutes every day to your personal evolution. You can’t start doing this until you throw your hat over the fence, step your feet in the fire and burn your legs so you don’t feel the pain of the rest of the steps in the fiery blazes of pre-Purgatory inferno, until you jump into the icy waters, until you put $149.97 on the line (like I have many time… you can check my StickK profile.)

      So, by getting the above idea into your head, I was hoping that we could maybe get you to start building those threads that encompass your rope that you use to climb to your success (and pull others up with you in the process!). Whether it’s by using… or even by starting your own blog like this, I feel that it’d be supremely supportive to your growth and evolution with your confidence (and your competence).

      6) Thoughts

      This comment is a starting point of our friendship, I think. Not a destination! Don’t be a stranger, man. I appreciate you reading this blog, and I look forward to writing for you, personally, in one of these upcoming post!

      In fact, I may use this long-ass comment as a post in itself. I’m serious… a lot of people could value from it.

      Thanks again for the comment!

      1. Oh, damn! You know, if you wouldn’t have answered me, I might’ve had an excuse to back away from this. I tried doing stuff like this every once in a while, but I’d always stop beyond a certain extent.

        I can’t tell you though, how much I’m grateful you answered. I really need to do this. I believe you, and want this for myself so bad, but it’s always last minute resistance. I’ve read so much about PUA and shit. Like you, I’m a writer, I used to read everything and listen to anything. But I don’t think anything was as valuable as seeing you succeed as much as you do, man.

        That stickK thing’s epic. And I’m going all out with this, I’ll do this in two to three days (holiday at the moment) with 100$ at stake. I’ll write up a list of three to five challanges and drive to a neighboring city to complete them.

        Damn though, I never expected this.Yyou just took a dive. You took a dive because I might’ve never answered you.
        Thanks man, I’ll definitely update you in about three days, even if it’s to tell you I’m 100$ short.

        P.S; Without too much ass-kissing, you write really well.

  3. Man. I can’t even begin to describe what just happened.

    Life throws curve balls at you sometimes, one day you’re just sitting there playing with your manhood, the next your in the middle of one of the busiest streets in your country, dancing in your underwear to some random tune.

    I can make this post so long, but I really don’t feel like it. I’ll explain down below.
    You see, this was truly a liberating experience. It was intense, hard and very frightening. I did ALL of my tasks, and each one had my heart racing faster. I made a breakthrough, but I’m confused. Why is it that I feel so depleted after this? I’m guessing this is a good sign, something about me shocking my belief system. Maybe.

    Either way, Aaron, I owe you much for helping me into this. Even though I feel depleted, I noticed I feel so much more relaxed. I spent the day walking around and chatting up everyone and anyone, it was actually pretty fun. It’s like, a lot of society’s limitations just stop holding you back, and while I do hesitate, it’s not nearly as bad as it was before this. You just feel like if you do anything not socially acceptable, you won’t explode. You do it without much thought, the fear just faded into the background.

    The best part? The best part was seeing the people I made laugh, the smiles that went on their faces is nothing compared to the monstrosity I had on my face.

    Exciting day, but I’m off to bed. Can’t thank you enough.

    1. I’m so freaking excited for you, David! You’re one of the few who freaking DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU’RE GOING TO DO.

      You’re one of the people I’m admiring intensely in my life now, because it really is a rare sight to see someone actually have the balls to do something like you do… much less do it to such an intense degree.

      P.S. If you feel depleted it’s because you’re in “Introverted Mode”… like I am 90% of the time. The depletion comes from “cognitive dissonance” of you constantly trying to do the following: Conform the external world to your internal world (i.e. Because Introverts see the internal world as the “real world”).

      This is the opposite of Extroverted Mode, where you let things go as they may. As long as you’re have Introverted Mode switched to “On” in your subconscious. And yes, from what I know and what I’m able to do with myself, I’m under the impression that it is a switch accessible to you),

      Does this make sense? I hope it does… because if I can somehow communicate this to you, you’ve just discovered the secret to making your interpersonal actions, like approaching and dancing in your underwear (which I’m extremely proud of), 80% easier.

      Gimme your thoughts! Maybe I’ll interview you and talk to you and post an audio interview with you on this blog.

      Thanks for being awesome, David.

  4. Haha, thanks man! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, putting it off and making excuses. But the moment I saw there are people like me, people who completed this intense experience, I HAD to do it. I had to see what I’m missing out on, because you sounded so intensely excited (and confident, if that makes sense) in your writing. Well, that and the 100$ I could lose if I didn’t complete my tasks. I’d love to do an interview, if you’d like. But, I don’t think I’m quite done yet.

    Sure, I overcame a lot. But I noticed one thing. Doing the dance in front of all those people wasn’t easy (only about 10% of people found it funny for some reason, the others exchanged dirty looks). But I was a lot more nervous when I had to do the first one, the one you did with the boobs and the hand (I think it was your first challanage). In fact, I was so nervous the responses weren’t what you would call ‘favorable’.

    I wanted to go at that too, I wanted to finish it all in one day. But I was really not feeling like talking to anyone anymore, I guess it’s that introverted mode thing (which I think I understand, but I didn’t quite get how you would control it).

    So, I guess my next goal is to do just that. I’ll grab another StickK when I figure out what exactly I’ll be doing. Suggestions are welcomed! 🙂

    1. Wanna know the truth about that?

      About 10 different things that I’ve mastered unconsciously were running in the background while doing that… it requires a bit of prep to do successfully (i.e. make the request without getting slapped).

      The biggest of all of these ten things was the face to of: Intention. When going up to a girl, are you freaking out over how nervous you are… or asking yourself “What’s beautiful about her?” If you project negative believes or negative thoughts about yourself… she’ll unconsciously “feel it” and freak out… even though she would’ve otherwise been totally down.

      Don’t do anything more involving our confidence-boosting interview than this: Add me on Skype the moment you see this. The Skype ID’s aaronb352

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