Third Task: Work At Hooters

Harem of Hooters
My harem. Want to join me?

Was going to do something like “take pictures with girls humping me” or “Ask girls to come over to my place today,” but–as many cool people have found out–life needs balance. Therefore, I’ve chosen to do something involving $$$, which is:

Talk to the manager of Hooters on Westnedge (a street near where I live), and talk to him about employment.

Using the technology of rapport and NLP, I might have the opportunity to land this job more easily than I currently think. But, for real though, this task is not about getting the job (of a Hooter’s chef).

It’s about getting closure.

I had visited the manager a while back, requesting work, but I never followed up on account of the fear of getting rejected. I didn’t want the manager saying “No” to me, because I’d rather keep “that I could’ve been hired by Hooters if I wanted to” instead of the fact that they simply said “No.” In other words, I feel like I had one token in the game machine, and instead of blowing it by starting right away, I’d rather keep the option to use my token to play the game… eternally.

Does that make sense? I hope so. (Comment if it doesn’t?)

Anyway, I’ll visit Hooters @ 2PM today–before the rush–so that I can have some nice face time with the manager, as well as the girls who work there.


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