Task Three Result: Working at Hooters?!

That went well.

Went to Hooters where this attractive black-haired girl smiled at me and asked me how many people would be with me. Telling her that I was here to see the general manager, she seats me and tells me that she will be right back (“Would you like any water?” she asked just before leaving).

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Seeing one of the girls clip an order to the wire before flinging it, zipline fashion, to the cook, the black-haired girl quickly filled my water and swiftly brought it to me. “Hold on, let me get her for you!” The long-haired cook in the back makes eye contact with me for a moment before he sees the line come in.

In a minute, she came back saying “She’ll be right with you.”

Then, soon enough, she was right there.

Well, what happened in reality turned out better than what happened in my head. I simply intended to:

  • tell her about how we had drifted apart, how I got scared to come back, and then
  • simply say “thank you” for giving me the opportunity to work in such an outgoing environment
  • Audibly “express blessings” to her (i.e. by saying “Have a great life. Thanks again for this opportunity”).

That changed quickly when she came back with an application. At point two, she handed me the stack of papers, asking me, “So you’d like to try again?”


Of course! I’d be happy to work for you.

And, eh, I won’t bore you with the details, because I’ve gotta say that I was pretty tired. I had pulled an all-nighter so that I could get back to a daytime sleep schedule.

But needless to say, I filled that application out very quickly (having already filled it out once before). Sitting back in a cool, wide fashion (or as wide as the stools would let me), I waited for Lindsey to return. She was visibly managing dishes and paperwork, so I didn’t ask for her right away.

In the background, the cook made eye contact with me again (does that sound weird (a.k.a gay))? I’m just trying to say that he saw me and nonverbally got my attention).  “She’ll be out in a minute!”

“Were you talking to me?” said the blonde-haired bartendress.

I lock eyes with her (again, just in an eye-contact-y way), “He was talking to me.”

(Thanks, man! At first, I couldn’t tell if this guy was insecure over his job or not, but it turns out that he was really helpful)

Lindsey soon returned, and I was pleased when Lindsey and I agreed to an interview tomorrow at three–after my counseling appointment.  “I can take care of that” she said as I started to grab the napkins and straw cover. Putting it in her hand, I said, “Thanks.” One thing I noticed, though, was I somewhat hesitated when it came to that. If only because I wasn’t used to that level of love and service.

OH. As an aside, I have never seen more love and appreciation than that of a Hooters.

I swear, I could just go chill at Hooters for a few minutes before some important date or interview… and I swear, I’d be golden. It’s sooo much more than sex appeal at this restaurant (and I love it!).

So, if you haven’t been to a Hooters yet–even if you’re a girl (well, maybe not)–it’s really a good idea for you to pay ’em a visit. Shun your embarrassment, because they will show you a level of service I have never seen before.

For example, after handing Lindsey the napkin and straw cover, I walk out of Hooters plus an additional three steps before I realize that I’m holding the orange, hard-plastic cup with the Hooters logo stamped into it. Walking back, I step straight toward the bar, looking to put the dish back in an easy-to-reach spot.

“Would you like a to-go cup for that?”

Wruh, uh-mmmyeah, man. I’d appreciate that!” That’s really cool. He grabbed the cup, walked by me to the open soda fountain area and poured my water into a styrofoam cup.

“Would you like anything else? Like a soda or something?”

“This is fine. I appreciate this, man!” (I make sure to keep my energy down with his and the blonde-haired girl’s)

“Sure, man. No problem. Here it is.” He hands me the drink with a cool, slight smile.

“Have a good one. Bye now!”

“See ya!” The blonde girl smiles at me, too.

On my way out, I just begin to hit the push bar to leave when the blonde-haired girl says, “Goodbyeee! Have a good one!”

I turn for a moment and say, “Thanks! You, too!” as I push the bar and step toward my car.

Do I need to say that I left that Hooters feeling pretty good? By this point, I don’t think I need to. Because it was just plain and simply and environment where love and feeling important… just happens.

It’s a place where making another person feel appreciated is something like the tip of the pyramid, the tip of the Christmas tree. The objective of making everyone feel great about themselves, the objective of helping another human being feel loved and significant, is what REALLY drives that business.

The wings are just an excuse to spend time there, I think.

Anyway, as usual, these posts are prone to future review and edits and proofreads, so if you see something (I know that you’re one of maybe four readers at this point! Lol), please let me know, and I’ll handle it promptly.


Yours Truly–(I mean this),


Aaron Bell



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