Second Task: Touching Boobs

What best scares me? 

  • Telling someone that I’ve had experiences with homosexuality
  • Asking girls to feel their boobs when I first see them
  • Asking girls to hang out with me for fear of screwing things up–coming off too needy

Of these three, going up to a girl and asking to feel her tits is by far the most intense of each of these three. The trick is to intend it as I ask, “Put your boobs on my hands?” 

  • I’ll do that at least two times today as a minimum goal…
  • Three times as a target…
  • Five time as the optimal goal

Even doing it once is awesomely “scary” (i.e. awesome). 

Look forward to telling you about it. I’m leaving now, and I’ll have a report for you by 1:00PM. 




3 thoughts on “Second Task: Touching Boobs

  1. Great little post bro.

    Little task like these to field test is very crucial especially in seduction.

    Just days ago, I was field testing having girls touch my cock lol!

    By the way, make sure you’re subscribed to my blog as I’ve subscribed to yours.

    1. For sure! I might’ve joined when you had a bunch of subscribers follow you at once all of the sudden, but I’ve been following your blog for forever!

      You’re awesome, bro!

      Also, something relevant to what you write, too, is that this task seemed to be really relevant, to your post, “Want Quick Sex? Screen Girls Out Fast Who Aren’t DTF!.” This is because the one DTF girl out of the six I did this with was squeezing me till my head popped–while the rest laughed and just quickly (quickly, lol) went away.

      If you want to, Ken, let me know how the “Hancock” field test went! I’ll make a “Honoring the Giants” post here soon with your statistics.

      1. Lol sounds good bro! And thanks for following from how long ago. And I’m actually gonna field test the stuff you’d written about in this post. I kind of had this experience related to it over the weekend lol (touching boobs)! I’ll write about it later on with credits to you.

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