Second Task Result! Touched Some Ta-tas! And got a number…

WMU campus
The place I checked out.

The place seems nearly barren. Beautiful women and insecure guys normally swarm the place, but with class in session, there’s hardly anyone.

I begin to doubt if I’ll meet anyone.

Though I pass a bunch of staff, professors, faculty, etc., I see the occasional girl that’s totally awesome to interact with, though I pass a few girls several times. After doing thousands and thousands of approaches, friend, I have an extraordinary level of self-confidence and “skill”–if you will–when it comes to interacting with the ladies. But in this case, when it’s not a “say whatever comes to mind situation,” I stump a bit, until I see the first cute girl–away from faculty (where they could probably do something serious like ban me from my local campus, if they felt like it).

She is a blonde girl with a beautiful smile and a symettrical face. She’s the fourth easily approachable girl I’ve seen today, and I have a great feeling that she and I would get along, but that may just be looks. And though she’s the fourth girl I’ve seen today, she’s the first I approach.

Me: “Hey!”
Blondie: (“What’s up?” 🙂 ) 
Me: “Put your boobs on my hands?”– Note the awkward emphasis, lol
Blondie: (“Ummm, no.” *awkward “he’s a creep” smile* “Sorry.” *Walks right on by*) — LOL
Me:*As she’s walking away* I shout to her, “Alright, alright! Put your number in my phone?”
Blondie: (“Noooo. Sorry” *Keeps walking*)


A shadow of myself whispers in my ear. I think it’s something like, “Damn! She was so cute! God, why’d I mess this up by doing that? Also, what if word gets around that I’m a booby-groping freak?”

Just then, though, larger, cooler shadow said, “This is so awesome, bro! You’ll have this shit down in no time. Also, you’ve experienced this shit about a million times–your reputation will only increase as result of this.”

Gotta admit. I like the cool shadow more than the pussy shadow.

Within two minutes of walking, this black girl walks by me. I run up to her, Simple Pickup style, in the parking lot. “Put your boobs on my hands?” This girl (who we’ll call smiles) has this “energy” to her. She looks me hard in the eyes and enthusiastically asks me: 

Smiles: (“What’s this about, lol?” *smile*)
AB: “Just ’cause.” *Smile* “It’s fun!”
Smiles: (“Do you just go around asking girls this?”) 
AB: “Noooo.” *smile*
Smiles: (“Really, how many girls have you asked to do this with?” *smile*) 
AB: “Really wanna know?”
Smiles: (“Mhmmm!”) 
AB: “One so far.”
Smiles: (“Lol am that one?”)
AB: “Nope! There was this blonde girl before you.”
Smiles: (“And how did she react?” 🙂 )
AB: “She just laughed and kept on walking” *lol*
Smiles: (“Hahaha, omg heeere” 🙂  *Steps close to me, puts hands up as she smiles*)

I put my hands over her boobs with cool dude smile. Looking back on it, I would’ve started by feeling from just beneath her breasts. This would’ve allowed for a greater feel than just the “hands over the breasts” approach. (Don’t call me a perv when you know you want to do this yourself, lol)

Her pearly white teeth show as she talks with me a bit about nothing (school, majors, parties, places to be, etc.) I step back slightly before I wrap my right arm around her for a hug. She pulls herself into me for a tight squeeze.

We begin to head separate ways, until I said do the “Put your number in my phone” thing:

Me: “Hey! Sec…” *we walk back to each other* “Put your number in my phone?”

After getting so close with her so soon, I really don’t see how I wouldn’t have connected with her.

The third girl is a dirty blonde with some D’s. Before I go and talk with her, I interrupt my initial plans to talk with her to offer help to a girl on crutches. She carries papers in her mouth speeds across the parking lot on a pair of hospital crutches (vs. different crutches?). Offering to help her carry her papers, she smiles and points to her car that is right there. “Thanks though!” *smile–with a hint of insecurity*.

Cool. I immediately go back to the girls with the D-sized cups.

AB: The first thing I say after saying “Hey, stop for sec!” is “Put your boobs on my hands?”
Double D’s: (“Lol WHAT? hahaha. Did this really just happened?”) 
AB: “Yeah! It’s fun!”
Double D’s: (“Do you just randomly go around asking girls to put their boobs in your hands, or what?”) 
AB: “Come on! It’s fun. I’m doing you a service.”
Double D’s: (“Lol, really?” *smiling her ass off*) 
AB: “Yeah! Let’s do it!”
Double D’s: (“Why??” *Smiles broadly*) 
AB: “Because it’s fun!”
Double D’s: (“I’m trying to figure out if this is reality or not.” *smile!* “Besides, I’m supposed to be at work right now”)
AB: “And you’re not working? You’re skipping out on work?? lol*
Double D’s: (“Nooo! Lol, I was just on break”)
AB: “Whatever, you were totally playing hooky.”
Double D’s: (“Was nooot! Hey, walk with me”)

I’ve never had a girl laughing like she does, as quickly as she does, right now, as we walk for ten minutes across the campus to her place of work. Though I completed the challenge big time at this point, something happens in my communication where I don’t get to feel her boobs in this case. They’re pretty nice looking, too, so I’m not supremely happy that it didn’t happen, you know?

Nor did I get her number–not even as friends (citing a “boyfriend” as her reason).

But one thing that I’ve come to grips with, though, is that if I can make her laugh like that–and make her smile as much as she did–it’s going to have a positive effect on both of our lives. “Oh-ho-ho my god! This is crazy! I’ll definitely have something to talk with my friends about!” *smile*). And, overall, if I make someone else happy, that’s definitely a success in my book (not to mention the challenge for today’s book).

On my way back, I think to myself, “That’s enough. The challenge was to do a minimum of two, and you did three. We’re good.” But then the larger, cooler shadow says, “Go for more, AB.”

Hesitation and lack of another objective (besides booby-groping) leads to the demise of these next two. Though “bad prequalification” or “bad screening” could be a cause (they were each really quiet and insecure sounding, for some reason), I feel that if I would’ve done something like “not hesitate” or “build more rapport” faster, I would’ve succeeded in feeling some really beautiful women in a really fun and unexpected way.

Grumpy Cat Presides Over All
This is how I felt after my successes and failures. Big, powerful, but slightly grumpy. (I.e. “I should’ve left it at three… My form was bad… etc.”) Credit: Mike Flacey at The Checkout

On a 20,000-foot level, I’ve gotta say that I wish that this would’ve ended with a “hyper-success” instead of just the “success of completing the challenge,” but overall, I’m really happy with myself. It’s really awesome when I identify something that scares or unconsciously intimidates me… and then I do it.

I feel like my world just opens up as a result of it.

On a 30,000-foot level, too, in the scope of this entire challenge blog, I really feel that these exercises have built a new level of confidence within me. If I keep on doing these things–at least once a day–the growth that will happen will be exponential. At some point in the future, friend, I can really see myself achieving all of my goals–which is very positive and beneficial to you, given that I’ll throw a lot of parties and stuff.

NOW! For a non-selfish comment, please let me know what your thoughts are on this, because I really look forward to seeing some of your ideas on here. If you’ve had something that scared you–that you’d finally overcome–I’d really enjoy hearing from you! It’s fun getting your thoughts on subjects likes this.

Besides that, though, that’s all for now, bro.

Ciao for now!


Aaron B.


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