It’s Not That I Want To Dress Weirdly, Bill. I Just Do.

I adorned myself in brown dress shoes. And that’s it.

Just kidding!

Blue neon basketball shorts gripped my waist.  A green-black plaided shirt flapped loosely in the breeze from my torso.

Now. I doubt you’re fashion-minded, Bill. So. This might seem irrelevevant to you.

But I assure you. It’s not.

I’ve been spending 15 minutes each morning freaking out over what clothes to wear. By wearing this… I challenged that habit.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” said one of my coworkers.

Yeah. It was that bad.


Hey! Bill! Dancing’s Starting To Pay Off.

Bill. Get this. It’s 3:30 in the morning. I get the nagging idea to step, step, step to the corner of the street. Then. Once I’ve reached the corner of the street, I convulse, flex, and relax as I observe double halogens blur by.

Most importantly… just above those double white halogens… I bet you’ll never see anywhere else…

These people get so TENSE when you fuck up their model of ‘What should be happening at three a.m. in the morning.’

Seriously, Bill. These reactions. These reactions were so priceless. Namely because I was so irrelevant–as contrasted to the horror nightmare visions I concocted of getting picked up. Of getting picked up by some rusty, tinted window car of course.

Seriously.. Take all that fear you have. All the anxiousness you contain inside of you… perhaps outside your conscious awareness. Whether it be for approaching the girl. Whether it be for making  a funny comment on Steve Jobs’s memorial wall.

Really take the time to look at these emotions… from an outsider’s perspective… now.

Now WHAM. Here’s a guy. He’s driving home. He’s Looking straight ahead. And he’s not looking at me. Even though I’m doing this crazy thing… I’m not that important.

I want you to get this. YOU–even you, Bill Gates–are not important enough to knock people off-skilter with your weird behavior. People are so preoccupied with their own problems… that you have all the freedom to be as ballsy as you want.

As long as you don’t hurt them.

ANYWAY. If you felt somewhat inspired by this blog post, Bill… GO DO YOUR OWN DANCE. GO RICK-ROLL ONE OF YOU EXECUTIVES OR SOMETHING>

Seriously. Just do whatever it takes to get your ‘venom-juice’ going. Because… This is scientific observation at work here… The venom will eat away at the part of you that’s holding you back. Non-yin… the yang part of you… will thrive as a result of feeling this acidity… and using it as a handle–an anchor–for action.

So. Anyway. GET GOING.


You have a LOT of ‘pscyho-baggage’. You’ll only know how heavy it is when you shirk it off.

God damn. Acid poured into my god-damned veins over THAT?


I had a palms-sweaty, mind-spaghetti panic attack over standing up, feeling my feet pitter patter on the floor, opening the door, and then moving my body on my front lawn.

Jesus. Who made it illegal to DANCE?

Anyway. That’s how fucked I’ve let myself to be. But. Guess what. This one action… has evolved me. A thousand doors just opened that weren’t available to me before. Not to mention… I feel better.

Now. I want this for you.

So, Bill. What I want you to do… is this: Design a list of things that scare you.

Here’s my list of things that scare me.

  • Go out in public and shouting really loudly
  • ‘Ca-CAW’ in public x 10 or x 20
  • Do the fire hydrant dance at work
  • Go to the park and incant in the same way I started this.
  • Film myself picking up girls
  • Create that program that will help me complete this… DO THE TIMELINE… DO THE ANCHORING… DO THE SWISH PATTERN… 6 HUMAN NEEDS
  • Say ‘AYE’ in a louder voice at work…
  • Storytell at work
  • Complete one Rules of the Game challenge daily until I feel it
  • Sell toothbrushes–NOT ECOLOGICAL… DON’T DO THIS
  • Sell Think and Grow Rich to 40 homes
  • Have a conversation as a gay man in a different city
  • Do an NLP exercise with a total stranger
  • Sell sprites…
  • Split test 2 items a day until it happens
  • Submit an email to aweber daily
  • Dance on the corner of a street

Alright. You’ve now seen my list. Now. Before you even finish reading this, make your list. Pull out a physical sheet of paper and pen, hear the scratching, as you see ink forming on the white.

Then. Once you’ve got that, let me know.


If you haven’t completed the above exercise… PLEASE MINIMIZE THIS WINDOW AND DO IT.

If you have completed this exercise… then congratulations. You’ve just inscribed your new to-do list.

By picking one of these things, then seeing yourself actually doing it… you’ll shirk the chains of social slavery. You’ll flap your wings above the smog and breathe the vision of clarity and control.

Oh. And. For extra credit, click down in the comments below. Then: Type your SCARIEST THING, then DO IT.

P.S. By not doing this, you’ll feel yourself sagging and getting heavier of the years. You’ll have a fat, nagging wife who hates you. You’ll have a deadend job where you’ll go no where. Is that where you want to be?

P.S. # 2 By doing this,you’ll feel so light… you won’t even believe it. You’ll forgive yourself as you realize a new, upgraded you. You’ll see people’s eyes drawn toward you. Why? Because you’re realizing and feeling a  place where they’ve always dreamed of being: In themselves–in their own intentions.

See you on the other side.

Mediation and the Cold Call — Task 102 Complete

Let’s say there’s a knife in your eyeball.

You can’t pull it out, you can’t stop the pain, until a doctor a appropriately stops the blood loss and leaking of fluids from you eye area….

What are you supposed to do?

Multiply the pain of the knife in your eye by 500 times, and the pain will virtually disappear.

So. Upon the fifth person to say, “No, I’m not interested,” and after witnessing out powerful and free LinkedIn is, I decided to meditate upon my next actions.

So, because I can’t sit in the padmasana, the lotus position, yet, I sat in the butterfly position with my back against the wall. was ticking at 61 minutes and downward.

Well, I can tell you now, that the first 24 minutes are always a breeze. I can do 24 minutes and feel nothing–it’s easy, my Mind-Body can accept it, my legs haven’t really fallen asleep that much, etc.

But by the 32nd minute, the 38th, I generally move my attention away from my hara or away from my yantra, my single-minded visual focal point to two primary sources of physical and mental pain:

  • My femur scrapes against my pelvis/hip bone as my inner thigh muscles (my adductor brevis/longus, I believe, stretch to the limit
  • Then, my mind drifts toward the clock–Only 24 more minutes, 22 minutes, oh. Damn. I did six deep, 8-minute breath “chunks”, so I must be at 48 minutes…

And, dear lord, you wouldn’t believe how much more it hurts to think about the second one, the time aspect of meditation.

Which is why what I’m sharing with you is so important. Because pain is the in the contrast. 

When I was thinking about single-mindedness, of feeling my feet mix with the red sands of Mars as I see the first paved road that I personally saw to, something clicked in my mind that “Maybe it’s because I’m always relating back to how good I’ll feel at the end of the meditation INSTEAD of thinking directly as this is the present moment.”

A sentence from Mindfulness then came up:

“Differences do exist between people, but dwelling upon then is a dangerous process. Unless carefully handled, it leads directly to egotism. Ordinary human thinking is full of greed, jealousy and pride. A man seeing another man on the street may immediately think, “He is better looking than I am.” The instant result is envy or shame. A girl seeing another girl may think, “I am prettier than she is.” The instant result is pride. This sort of comparison is a mental habit, and it leads directly to ill feeling of one sort or another: greed, envy, pride, jealousy, hatred.”

Then a phrase from Self-Made Wealth came up (with commentary from me):

“Suffering = Pain x Resistance. We’ll always experience pain, that’s a fact of life. [But the pain we feel and experience, the amount of pain that affects our behaviors, is the pain that comes from trying to focus elsewhere, to think of all the good things when the pain is present… It’s only when we blow up the pain to astronomical proportions that pain, or anything, loses its meaning.”

Then a phrase from a useful article that I can’t remember came up:

“Please. Stop what you’re doing now, and look at your hand. Really, pull your hand off your mouse so that your hand is feeling only air, and spread your fingers.

“Now, as you look at your hand, imagine it growing bigger and bigger until it fills the room…

“Bigger and bigger until it fills the house…

“Bigger and bigger until it fills the state… the world… the universe…

“Can you still make out your hand? No. You can’t. Because you have nothing to contrast it with…”

When pulled together, these three examples, these three sources for this valuable less came up for me and just obliterated any sense of arthitis-like bone scrapage and exploded my sense of time into a thousand little bits.

All I was left with was an extreme sense of deep, inner peace and happiness, as I had just discovered something divine, bright white, and exploding from my mind’s eye. (Yes, it is true, Nirvana does come with the million-lumen white light that explodes out of your cranial cavity.)

In the end, when the timer went off (and when I was in the same exact position I had started in), I had the biggest smile on my face and intense rushing of dopamine and serotonin flood through my chest, solar plexus, through, shoulder muscles, upper arms, forearms, the tips of my fingers, then through my legs, calves, shins, feet.

Just before the timer went off, I think to myself–with my focus on the pain and the desire for time to past swiftly–“This is all there was, this all there will be, and this is all there is.”

I smiles so broadly. My expression wanted to leap out of my boundaries as a human being, because the pain I experienced was so intense that my body had to compensate for it.

When I sat up, I immediately though, “How can I apply this to life, business, rejection?” Well, I immediate focused on the rejection I could receive from Ryan McGrath and Dan Kaufman when I tell them these two things respectively: 1) I don’t think I’m a good enough copywriter yet, and 2) It’s not in my budget to purchase LInkedIn Premium.

Done. I asked myself, “What do I see, hear, feel, taste, or smell as I blow up this rejection I fear by 500 times?” I smiles so hard that I couldn’t wait to get started!

Then, when it came to doing more cold calling (I called a guy over in Los Angeles named Adam), I thought, “What would it be life if I multiplied this possible rejection by 500 times?”

I smiled, and I gave him a call.

Overall, this lesson has extremely profound and vastly imaginative effects on the mind, body, emotions, and soul–there’s no greater power that you can achieve once you’ve learned to absolutely dominate and master the control of your mind.

In fact, that’s what I’m using to get this article done in one goal! 1,024 words is a challenge for most people, yet that’s exactly what I accomplished in the short 40 minutes you’ve been with me today :D

Anyway, I’m excited for what this lesson brings me, because I’m going to apply it to as many things as I possibly can–to work, to focus, to prioritizing effectively, to budgeting, etc.. The impact of this is infinite, because it takes away negative emotion as a factor in making the important decisions.

It takes away the “It’s too painful, so I’ll repress it” factor when focusing on important tasks.

So. Good! I’m going to take this learning and incorporate it into more and better areas–I’ll speak with you the next time I post a task (tomorrow), and I’ll get back with you with you the results!



10 Active Cold Calls Today (Task 102^)

“I’m not interested. Please take me off your calling list.”

That’s what you get when you cold-call.

At least when you make rookie mistakes, such as making it sound like a sales call..

(I need to make a list of all the triggers that equate to “This is a sales call,” and eliminate all of them from my cold-calling efforts.)

Now, I’ve made 10 active calls today when:

  • When I’m smiling as I listen to the tenth voice tell me “Sure, I’m interested.” or “No, I’m not interested.” Not when I’ve heard the fifth voice–but maybe when I’ve heard the eleventh or twentieth voice.
  • When I’ll have at least 10 YouTube videos available as proof of the genuine, non-voicemail calls (not 5 videos, not 8 videos, but 10, 11, or 34 videos uploaded as proof.)
  • When my “Dialed” list in my phone will have 10 new Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids area code phone numbers in it where there were none before. (not 5 new number, not 6 new numbers, but 10 new numbers, 11 new numbers, 646 new numbers…)
  • (When I’ve meditated for an hour before hand and recorded the number of ticks and movements I’ve had–not when I’ve meditated but have no video to count the number of ticks I’ve made.)
  • (When I’ve incanted for 60 minutes the Tony Robbins sales incantation)

I’ll update you tonight on my efforts.